About Me

Georgia Anne;

Georgia Anne is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog created and written by – Georgia Anne! I’m twenty years old from the United Kingdom with a passion for writing.

Back in 2015 aged 17 as a bored first year college student, I discovered blogging and fashion journalism. After becoming increasingly more interested in the world of fashion blogging, I decided in January 2015 to create my own, and I’ve been here ever since!

Over the years Georgia Anne has become a predominately lifestyle blog, I love writing thought out pieces, however my heart remains true and I do dip my toe into the fashion and beauty side of blogging often as well.

I’m constantly working on improving my blog, always eager to move it up to the next level. You can get to know more about me and my opinions, loves and just my life in general through reading my blog! Hopefully you like it enough to come back!


To get your product featured in an article, please see the contact me page or email georgia@georgiaanne.co.uk