Helloooo March usually means we’ve greeted in the Spring which will officially be with us very soon, it also means that everybody ditches the jumpers and heavy knits in exchange for lighter fabrics and warmer colours, every store whether it’s online or high street will be actively bombarding our inboxes with this seasons edit and trends, because of course they are.

But when I looked in my wardrobe recently, I realised that I like everything that I have right now besides the odd piece that may be on my depop waiting to be loved by someone else instead, but everything that I have with the intention of keeping, I wear – regularly at that. I also feel like this season I’ve seen more Spring Edits than ever, everybody seems to be doing them and it’s made me think: Do I need these clothes?

The obvious answer is absolutely not. I don’t need new clothes whilst the clothes I have are appropriate for the coming seasons and I get a lot of wear out of them, I don’t need to throw or sell anything away and I don’t need to update my wardrobe desperately. I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with going out and treating yourself to a new blouse out of Primark or anything, because if you like something and you’re going to wear it then there’s no point in stopping yourself from having it, but the point I’m getting at is that we don’t need an entire new wardrobe just because the season and the year changed.


Around this time last year I was frantically buying new clothes so that when the Spring came, I was prepared to look fabulous and have clothes that were appropriate for the season. I also got rid of a lot of clothes, I sold loads of them on Depop and gave them away to relatives and to charity shops because I was desperate to get a new wardrobe for the new season.

Looking back, I actually think this was a very unhealthy and also a very wasteful mentality. A lot of the clothes that I got rid of hadn’t had a lot of wear out of them, and even though I genuinely didn’t love them and they did go to people who would love them, it made me reflect on my spending habits and how I view fashion.

I want to be able to buy something and get a lot of wear out of it, I want to buy things that I like and will genuinely wear because I like it. I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of money over the years buying things because they were trendy only to find that on me, they look atrocious and I actually don’t love it.

I won’t blame bloggers, social media or newsletters though. Because even though these are the things that tempt me the most to take part in trends, it’s my own lack of self discipline that is overall to blame. This year when I open my wardrobe, I see clothes that I genuinely really like, clothes that I’ve worn a lot and can wear in many different ways, clothes that fit me and suit my body type and clothes that were actually really inexpensive and are still great quality, I can wear them year long.

This is just because I began to shop smarter. I began to shop less too. I looked at what I actually like, colours and fabrics, patterns and textures. If something is trendy and it’s not something I would generally lean towards, then I will not force myself to try it out because I’m guaranteed to get a few more heart eye emoji comments on my photos.

Trends are fun though, and I don’t think that there’s any harm in being a trend follower and having a piece from each season that was hot hot hot. But I do think that there is something wrong if you’re feeling like you need to be a part of the trend. You don’t need to be a part of every trend during every season, you don’t need to empty your wardrobe every year to make way for new, better trends. Just wear what you like and wear it well.

I definitely have a very bland taste, but I was very excited to see leopard print making a comeback at the end of last year, and it still hasn’t really gone anywhere. I still see leopard print everywhere, and it’s my favourite trend and one that has always appealed to me. For some reason, when I was a little girl, when I imagined the older me she was wearing a (faux) fur leopard print coat, every time. It’s just a pattern that’s always appealed to me for some reason, therefore I know that it’s a trend that I want to take part in. The blouses that I own in this pattern, I genuinely like them – the leggings in these photos that are slightly too big on me, I like them. They look funky, very 80s rocker, tucked into some chelsea boots.

It’s important to know what you like though, to have your own sense of style and know what you want to wear and own. I spent a lot of time last year worrying about having a fresh outfit for every photo that I took, I wanted a fresh outfit for every day that I spent in Lisbon, and I wanted to look different and trendy all the time. This was an expensive mentality which resulted in outfits I only wore once, it’s so wasteful and unnecessary, I’d rather wear the same outfit you’ve seen me in over and over and know that I spent my money wisely and that I’m not wasting money and resources.

There’s a lot of pressure in the social media age to always look differently, the media refer to Royals wearing the same outfit twice as “recycling” which I find laughable – but this could tick a box in someones head somewhere where it makes them feel lesser about themselves because they’ve worn that jumper hanging up in their wardrobe every week this month.

The pressure to keep a trendy and up to date wardrobe needs to be lifted – there really is nothing wrong with owning the same garment and having worn it for x amount of years if it’s one you feel great in, you don’t need to keep purging your wardrobe and your style. In my opinion, it’s more fabulous to rock what you love rather than have a fad every season with a certain pattern or colour.


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