*This post was written in collaboration with Joanie Clothing

Lately I’ve found myself in a weird spot with my fashion choices. I feel like I’ve gone into 2019 with a whole new outlook on how to dress and what I want to do with my wardrobe, every piece I’ve purchased and worn this year has been very me, and I wanted to go into the Spring feeling the same way, which is why I’ve been loving Joanie Clothing so much – it’s a very me brand.

But you see, the issue with me and clothes is that I’m short. Not many online retailers or high street stores stock petite sizes, and when they do they’re not exactly inclusive, the normal length clothes or tall range is always far nicer and I can’t help but find myself standing in dressing rooms wishing how I was taller.

I think when I come to get dressed every day I forget about that struggle and why dressing is made so difficult sometimes. However, brands like Joanie Clothing – even though they currently don’t stock petite sizes, are heading in the right direction. There’s versatility, every woman gets to see how the clothes will look on her whether she’s a size 8 or a size 16, every woman get’s to feel beautiful in their clothes. Including me.

Afternoon Delight

I originally wanted to style this jumper for my photos with a skirt, but the weather was a bit cold and I also couldn’t be bothered to faff around with tights whilst trying to get changed behind a bush because we shot more than one outfit this day, so I went with an outfit that I’d actually wear in the woods. Some comfy trainers and a pair of jeans.

Dressing for me was made a task always, I’m short with big boobs, wide hips and chunky thighs, it makes things a little bit difficult for me being as most girls my height don’t tend to have this body shape, and I always worry when it comes to getting clothes online – but Joanie eased my worries, when I browsed their website and saw that their images show women of all shapes I felt included. I felt like I really could be a part of their #JoanieGal brand. I was excited.

I think that a lot of women have the same struggle that I do, and it’s hard. This is also a totally first-world problem and I’m completely aware of it, because I’m lucky to wear beautiful clothes and I’m lucky that I can find things to fit me, but I think it’s important that all women get the opportunity to feel beautiful and included. This is why I like Joanie so much. It’s not your typical aesthetically pleasing brand and they really do make you feel part of it.

I definitely would love to wear one of their dresses someday if they ever release a petite range, because I love the shape of their tea dresses and shift dresses, and they’re right up my alley too.

This jumper is so comfortable and snug though, and I can definitely see myself wearing it in both the Spring and the Winter because the material is thin enough that a bit of sun isn’t going to swelter me, and thick enough that I can handle the cold.

I love fashion, following trends and also ignoring them – but I value comfort, I value feeling like the brand wants to include me and I value great quality. All of which Joanie does.


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