*Items in this article have been sent to me for the sake of review by Tatty Devine

Okay, I love a good OOTD post and I don’t do enough of them, but over the weekend I decided to go out and shoot some very generic blogger photos and create an outfit that I wanted to talk through, the last time I did an OOTD post it was talking about a Pauls Boutique handbag that I’d recently bought (I use it all the time btw) and it was a fun post to write so I decided, why not do another one?

I love basics and I’m definitely a basics kind of girl. A lot of my outfits fit the same formula of one statement piece that flares my outfit up a little bit and gives it some personality. A lot of my outfit choices lately have been this way because it’s just what I’ve been comfortable in lately – which is also another key rule I follow when I get dressed – I want to be comfortable with what I’m wearing.

Outfit: Top | Trousers | Jacket (Similar) | Necklace (Gifted)


I really like jewellery but I often feel like it’s hard to find pieces that stand out in a good way – the Tatty Devine Wisteria necklace that I’m wearing here was kindly sent to me and I knew that I just had to wear it with this outfit.

It’s definitely a statement necklace and I think it would look really nice with a 1950s inspired pinup-esque outfit too, I get those vibes a lot from Tatty Devine as it is, but the way I styled it, I wanted it to stand out. So I wanted it to be eye catching and alluring – so I wore it on top of a basic tee and I really think it did the trick!

I love the colour green and being around nature, and I think that the team working at Tatty Devine noticed that when they chose this necklace for me, a lot of my photos are taken amongst nature nowadays because I just love the way that nature looks in photos, and also because true to my Sagittarius star sign, I love to explore.

The necklace itself has a simple pop of purple which I love and the chain that holds the piece together is a very complimentary rose gold metal, all of the colours look really nice together, and you can dress this necklace up or down, which I feel is an important trait to have when you’re buying or styling jewellery.

Who are Tatty Devine?

Founded in 1999 by Harriet and Rosie, Tatty Devine achieved a cult following because of their fun, playful and unique handmade jewellery (which is still handmade to this day!)

Tatty Devine is a brand that is the very definition of self made and honestly, it’s a jewellery store that has something for everybody, no matter your style or taste. You can read more about them here on their own page and learn more about their charitable causes and how the jewellery is made!


I love these gingham pants but I can’t help with feeling like a total chef every time I wear them! I get lots of compliments on them though and they’re some of my most comfortable trousers in my wardrobe. I actually feel disappointed that the gingham moment was literally just that – I don’t see people wearing gingham trousers as much as I did two years ago, but it’s definitely a pattern that I still love. It’s easy to style and can spruce up a boring outfit.

The only thing that I don’t love about these trousers is that the crotch area has a lot of give – the fabric is quite loose and creates a shape which I think is quite unflattering, but I have a short body with wide hips so it’s always a tricky task when I need to buy trousers, but sometimes I like a pattern so much that I just let it be, whether it’s unflattering or not.

Even though you can’t see, I finished this outfit off with my trusty Superga trainers which have been put in the washing machine one too many times as the label finally has started to tear away from the thread that was holding it into the tongue. White trainers are always a mission to keep clean, but these canvas shoes have done me very well over the past year. I’ve worn them a lot and they’re so comfortable that it’s hard not to over wear them. They feature in a lot of my photos and I am aware of it, but I just like them a lot. 

Fashion to me lately has been more fun than anything. I’ve been dressing to please myself and I’ve been following little rules that I know that I will enjoy rather than simply conforming to rules based on my body shape or size, which motivates me to shoot more photos and do fun OOTD style posts like these.


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