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With the Winter shortly creeping behind us, I’ve been looking at how to dress. As the days get slightly warmer and the afternoon becomes slightly longer, I’m more excited than ever to get out and put on my favourite Spring clothes.

I’m looking forward to Spring time activities, such as Easter which with a little baby niece in the picture will be a lot of fun, I’m looking forward to spending my Easter week in Lisbon with my other half and of course: I’m looking forward to finally getting to go out without a big wooly jacket on.

I’m So Excited For Spring…

I know that we’re a couple of weeks away now until it’s officially Spring Time, but I definitely feel waay over the Winter and the cold dark nights so I’ve begun welcoming Spring in a little bit early, I’ve already done my big Spring clean in my bedroom, all of my thick wooly jumpers have been put to the back of my wardrobe and I’ve been looking at Spring boards on Pinterest too.

Truth is, I work better in the Spring time too. I tend to find the Winter season incredibly difficult to focus in, I can’t seem to gather anything to write down, and also the days getting dark at like 3pm makes it difficult for me to actually want to put makeup on my face, leave the house and shoot photos.

I definitely do not fit the December baby bill being as it’s the time of the year that I completely dread – but Spring is beautiful, I love seeing the trees grow their leaves again and the flowers in my garden blooming again. I love the way that we get to have the sunshine for a bit longer and that we also celebrate Mothers Day in the Spring (the most fitting season IMO).

But it’s the outfits that win me over. It’s the season I look forward to for the clothes. I love going out without my jacket on and my cotton gloves on. I love wearing floral patterns and lighter colours, thinner fabrics and pumps instead of chelsea boots. I love the design of clothes more in the Spring and how easy it is to pick anything out of my wardrobe and wear it.


outfit: Jumper (gifted) | Trousers (similar) | Shoes (gifted) | Earrings

How I’m Dressing To Welcome Spring…

The thing is with Spring time that I always tend to overlook, is that it’s not Summer. It’s the iffy season where you can put on a dress and a light jacket and feel great, but also some days you may need to fetch your rain jacket out and put on a light jumper.

So, I decided to set up a little moodboard for myself and decide what colours, fabrics and outfits I’d like to be wearing throughout the next few weeks – I like pink a lot as you can probably imagine, and Joanie* are the perfect website for cute, feminine clothes and they’re not afraid to give you a variety of pinks!

In my outfit for this post, I’m wearing their Concetta Jumper* which says Ciao! The fabric itself is really light so it’s great for a warmer day, but it’s also heavy enough so that if there happens to be a light breeze or a bit of rain, it’s enough to keep you warm and comfortable. I’ve also been trying to wear more patterns on my legs over the past few months, I feel like I reach for plain black trousers and leggings a lot and it’s kind of boring, so I paired the jumper with my New Look checked trousers, which I don’t actually rate that much – they’re a bit too baggy around the crotch and I like a more fitted trouser, but as far as comfort goes, these trousers are a solid 10/10, and I felt great in this outfit. It’s the perfect Spring Time welcomer!



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