Saturday morning, I sit at my laptop and begin to contemplate where to begin. There’s nothing going on in my noggin’ and my fingers can’t seem to type out any words. Then it hits me: I have nothing to say. Nothing significant to talk about this week. The things on my mind aren’t worth writing about (because who wants to know about how I’m planning on rearranging my knicker drawer) and frankly: I don’t feel like writing. It’s hit me that I don’t have anything to talk about, and I’m okay with it.

When I got into blogging I used to try and copy a lot of blogs that were image heavy with only a few words in between, as I began to get more into blogging I wanted to talk to you about things, which I have done for the last few years, albeit I’d do a better job of most of those posts today if I wanted to ever have a go at them again, but then I began to apply a pressure onto myself to have something to talk about.

I’m definitely someone who is overly opinionated and I like to get things off my chest through the therapy of writing, and sometimes I’ll write long ranty blog posts only to delete them afterwards because it really is so therapeutic: But when it comes to the posts I want to hit schedule on, sometimes I truly do have nothing to say.


I’m the kind of person that lets things sit on their mind you see, a few years ago I saw someone tweet about how you’re not a real blogger if all your posts are images with a line of text. I didn’t want to be “lazy” like that and I wanted my blog to be a place where people came to have a read of something.

As time has gone on, I’ve noticed that a lot of those types of blogs are still around and actually they’re all really good. We like images, and we like image heavy posts and sometimes we don’t want to sit and read 1,000 words, I don’t think it’s lazy blogging either, because blogging has become content creating – your images are content.

Although I’ve adapted this opinion, I won’t be taking on that form of blogging any time soon. It’s just not my style, but I also want to acknowledge and put it out there that sometimes I genuinely don’t want to and can’t be bothered to write 1,000 words when I don’t have anything on my mind. Sometimes 500 words describing an outfit and giving tips on how you can do it too is a lot more easy, fun and less time consuming than finding words to something I don’t have anything to say on.

I love think-pieces though and when bloggers like to challenge society and the rules that have been unspokenly leaked into place, I like reading what people think and also having an opinion, there’s something very appealing to me when I see posts with titles that are challenging us to think – but I also really fancy that other bloggers Disney outfit and want to stare at their gorgeous images and just read about where they got the inspo and how I can do it too.

Plus I think it’s a shame that people were turning their noses up to the type of bloggers that just want to share their love for fashion and only want to talk about their outfits, I don’t think there’s anything wrong about that, and whether you’re capable of writing a long wordy post or not doesn’t make you more or less of a blogger than the next person – I’ve struggled accepting that personally because I didn’t want to look like this isn’t something I’m putting every ounce of myself into.

Outfit: Jacket (similar) | T-Shirt | Sunglasses (gifted/similar) | Leggings



It hit me that my blog was becoming a lot less think-piecey a few weeks ago when I began planning outfit posts, and I realised that I actually hadn’t made any plans towards a think piece, I felt really guilty about it and instantly went digging for ideas, searching for something to hit me, something to make me want to write.

Eventually, I settled on the fact that I didn’t have anything on my mind. Sometimes I do, and I can write five posts in a row effortlessly, but a lot of the time I’m preoccupied by life and I don’t always have things on my mind that I’m worrying about or things that I’d like to share my opinion on. Also let’s be honest: We haven’t been online outraged in a while *touch wood* so the blogosphere in itself has been fairly quiet.

I’ve also avoided admitting, because honestly I’ve been slightly embarrassed to, that Instagram has upped its priority for me lately. I’ve been working on my feed and the type of content that I want on my Instagram, partly because if people like my Instagram enough they’ll come and check out my blog, but also because it’s the easiest platform right now to get discovered on – as much as many people will strongly disagree, and as much as it’s a bit taboo to admit it, I want to increase my reach.

So there, I admitted it: Right now I’m focused on furthering my reach because when the time comes for when I do have something really important that I want to talk about, when the time comes when my brain isn’t just focused on knicker folding and getting my legs waxed, everything that I will say and every opinion I will have gathered on the topic will be true, it won’t be forced.

So today I didn’t have anything in particular to talk about, other than the fact that I have nothing to talk about. I like being opinionated and writing what I like to think is a striking piece every now and then, but today, that isn’t the case.


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