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Valentines day is coming up real soon, and it’s the most romantic day of the year. I love love, as I’ve said many times, and so a whole day dedicated to showing your loved one just how much they mean to you, whether it’s with kind words, a gift or an act – to me that’s just so nice. Today though, I’ve put together a little gift guide for all of the fellas and women who are struggling to find a gift for the lady in their life. Gift buying is something that I find ridiculously easy, and super fun to do. I love seeing the look on peoples faces when I got them something they really like. It just brings me joy! 

I’ve spent my last two Valentines Days away from my loved one, we’re in a long distance relationship and so we can’t spend it together, but when we are together, which will next be in April, we have date nights and take the chance to give each other gifts if we’ve missed each other on a special day such as Christmas or Birthdays, but if you’re looking to give your own long distance lover a gift that they’re bound to love – I highly recommend Love Book Online. I’ve gifted my other half one of these books and he loved it, it’s really cheesy but honestly, it means the world to see how someone feels about you written down.


*Yankee Candle: One Together – 2019 Scent Of The Year

Do you have a stay-at-home date night planned for Valentines or does your other half just love a scented candle? You can really set the mood with the Scent of 2019 “One Together” by Yankee Candle. This is the scent of the year and it’s divine. My first impression of this candle was that it kind of smelt like a perfume, I’d wear it on my body if it existed as a perfume. The candle has a base scent of Suede Blush, Sandalwood and Amber, with floral scents embracing it throughout the middle and top layers of the wax. This is a stunning candle and it burns so well. This should definitely be on the top of your list to buy as a Valentines gift, your other half will seriously appreciate it.

Naomi Wolf: Vagina A New Biography

I’m not an avid reader, I don’t get through a load of books every month and I definitely don’t have a lot of patience to sit down and read – but this book by Naomi Wolf is one of my all time favourites. It’s funny, relatable and teaches you a thing or two about your own body. The way she writes is so casual yet captivating, I was laughing along with her stories and almost crying too.

Gucci Guilty Perfume

You can never go wrong with a perfume, I love it when I get gifted a perfume because I know that it’ll have a lot of use out of it and I love to smell great. For Christmas, my partner gifted me Gucci Guilty, he knows how obsessed I am with Gucci anyway and how much I love Gucci Bloom, so thought that this was the perfect gift for me. He wasn’t wrong. I love the bottle and how simple it is, it doesn’t take up a load of room on my display and it’s a very simplistic design. The scent itself is floral and feminine, with a fruity undertone that lingers beautifully.

Kate Spade Watch

This is another item that I was gifted, this time for my birthday from my mum. She knows how leopard print is in right now and loves the trend herself, and she knows that I too, am a big fan of it. For my 21st she bought me this beautiful Kate Spade watch and I’m obsessed. I think this is definitely the perfect Valentines gift too for somebody who loves a minimal yet chic accessory.

Ted Baker Necklace

Yet another gift, from my mum. If the woman in your life loves dainty jewellery that is chic and matches most outfits, then this Ted Baker necklace is the way to go. I love the rose gold chain and light pink pendant, it’s a really simple yet elegant piece and looks lovely when worn casually or dressed up.



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