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Saturdays are for dressing well and getting waxed… yup, that’s pretty much all I did today other than some birthday shopping for my mum and older sister, so we took the opportunity to shoot some photos, which have led to this spontaneous blog post, something that I actually haven’t done since I first began blogging believe it or not.

Lately I’ve been very into neutral tones and I think it’s showing in a lot of my outfits, light pinks and baby blues together have been appealing to me and all of my clothes purchases of 2019 so far have been within this colour scheme, honestly it’s just because pink and blue together looks adorable but also because when I spoke about wanting to town down on the vibrant looks, I meant it.

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Pauls Boutique

Remember back in 2009 when every girl in school had a Pauls Boutique bag? They were cow print with patches all over them that read “I HEART PB” – well, after that they seemed to fizzle off the map and I never saw anyone with a Pauls Boutique bag (or quilted coat) since.

Last week I found myself on their website, and I was blown away. This brand experienced one of the biggest glow ups ever – every bag on their site was so me (I even share a name with a bag) that I just had to order one.

I spent a few hours deciding exactly which bag I wanted, because I’ve been on the lookout for a new bag for a while now and wanted something small but not tiny, and big but not large. The bag I eventually went with matches my current colour scheme and it looks small and feels small to carry around but there’s loads of space inside.

When I woke up this morning though, I knew I wanted to shoot photos with the bag. I’m so impressed by it, by the way it looks, the quality and just how fabulous it is that I wanted to share it with you, and I was so eager that in the freezing cold windy weather, I stood there without a jacket on to keep my ~aesthetic~ still in tact whilst my little sister shot photos of me in three layers and bright red hands from the cold.

I definitely can see Pauls Boutique escalating in popularity again with their on-trend and easy bags, if you like a bag that can hold everything but don’t like how they get in the way all of the time, then definitely consider buying one of these bags – they’re all really affordable too so you won’t even be out of pocket if you decide to order one.

Gone are the days of I <3 PB because now they’re chic, trendy and honestly ahead of the game.





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