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This time last year we were all bracing ourselves to step out of our doors as the weather was some of the worst we’ve ever seen – storm Emma was incoming, and what a ferocious storm she was. I struggled to dress for her, as at heart I am a Summer soul, all of my best outfits come out during the Summer and I feel at my most comfortable. So what is it about Winter fashion and I that just…struggles?

Honestly I don’t really know. I think I’m a lazy dresser, I like basics and layering up has never been my forte. This year though, I’ve made the effort to go out and buy long coats, to put my jeans on over my thin trousers and to pop my fur lined boots on to keep my toes warm. I’d argue that this is the best that I’ve ever done Winter fashion this year, because I’ve actually made the effort to keep warm and to try and remain on trend, but more on that in just a sec.

But the Winter is always the most difficult time of the year for me, funnily enough I’m born in December and my birth due date was Christmas Eve (I came earlier, obviously), so you’d think that the Winter season would be one where I thrive, where I’m my best self. But I struggle. I struggle to dress, I struggle to motivate myself, I struggle to leave the house and to take photos before it gets dark at 4pm. I’m not my best self – and it shows when I’m dithering because my idea of layering is putting on a hoodie.

But it’s not as though you can’t be fashionable in the Winter. Everyone else seems to pull it off. It’s not as though it’s too cold every day to leave the house and shoot some photos – other bloggers manage to do it. So why do I struggle so much?

I think it’s because of it being such a dreary time of the year, honestly speaking. It affects me. It’s not as though I’m being a lazy bum and hibernating, because the ideas are there and I’m browsing online retailers as much as ever – but honestly, by the time January rolls around I’m too busy fantasising about the Spring, the clocks changing and flowers blooming to care about the fact that it’s still Winter and realistically, leaving the house in nothing but a light jacket and thin blouse just isn’t enough.

So, I made the effort to put together an outfit that I knew would keep me warm – just one outfit. Then, I decided that if I felt comfortable and had the same mobility that I do without a big jacket and lots of accessories on, I’d put together more outfits. The result of that was actually, it was a terrible outfit and I didn’t like what I had put on. SO, out came the outfit that I’m wearing in these photos. I call it my perfect middle ground.

I’m wearing a long trench coat that is camel coloured, a pink leopard print blouse, it’s thin and light, but the coat is heavy which still keeps me warm, even when buttoned up, a pair of jeans that I’ve owned for years and they’re still slightly too big around the waist, and on my feet I have some chelsea boots on, they’re fur lined and kept my feet safe throughout last years Storm Emma – and I have my Svnx beanie* on and a pair of really cute Svnx gloves* that have an adorable pom-pom on them.

Honestly I feel like I’ve just been really in my head over the past few years. As much as I really do hate the Winter, I can’t avoid it (unless I move to Australia over the Winter), and I just have to suck it up and stop fantasising about the end of March so much.

Fashion is something I feel strongly about, something that I find fun and take a lot of pleasure in, I like looking my best and looking my best means that I want to feel my best too, and I’m compromising practicality for the sake of an outfit that only really works when it’s warmer anyway. I feel the cold a lot and I’m always complaining about my feet and fingertips being super cold, so it’s kind of backwards when I’m not dressing appropriately either.

There are people out there that count down the days towards Winter, those that love snow days and getting cozy in their living rooms with the fire on – but not me. I actually couldn’t think of anything worse. I love heat waves and barbecues, I love Summer dance music and drinking a glass of freezing cold Pepsi whilst the sun is setting at 9:30pm. These are just the things that bring me joy, I’m a true Summer spirit. But, whilst I wait for my favourite season of the year to roll around once again, I’ll have to make do with Winter fashion and trying my very best to look great and feel it too!

I’ve been taking inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram has also been a great source of fashion inspo too with a lot of countries having lots of snow right now, it’s fun to see how many people are stylish whilst it’s absolutely freezing outside, even though it’s something I struggle to do, I feel so inspired when I see people making fashion and snow weather work together. My favourite accounts around this time of the year are @AClothesHorse and @Jerianie – they both have really pretty, feminine styles and wear lots of dresses and skirts, which is something that I’ve never been quite brave enough to do around the Winter, but they do it in a practical way and they look incredible at the same time. 

Winter fashion and I, we’re starting to get along. We’ll see how well I do over the remaining few weeks of Winter that we have left.


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