Last year I wrote a blog post talking about what 2018 taught me about dressing, and although I learned to embrace new styles, mix and match and slap a lot of colour into my wardrobe, in hindsight, there are only three or four outfits that spring to mind that I loved in 2018 – and all of them conformed to a few rules that I’d actually been intentionally not following. So, when I thought about fashion and where I want to take my style throughout 2019 I realised that I’ve been eyeing up a certain “look” for a while now but haven’t known where to begin with it. So, when I did my research I realised that there were a few simple rules to follow in order to effortlessly achieve the look that I’ve been admiring from afar since mid last year, and I feel a little bit silly for not noticing sooner!

But obviously fashion is different for everyone – we all follow and make our own rules, we like our own things and wear what we feel comfortable in, so obviously I’m also by no means telling you to go out and follow these rules too, with fashion there are no boundaries and what suits one person may not suit another, and what one person loves another may hate. So the main “rule” to follow with fashion is to have fun. 

Also these obviously aren’t actual “rules” – these are just rules I made up for myself from observing other styles as well as my own.


This is something I briefly mentioned on my Instagram stories that I was envious of other women (and men), being able to do. I’ve always struggled to find a happy place in my wardrobe as far as colour is concerned, I either go too far or don’t go far enough, right now I have a nice variety of colours in my wardrobe and it’s looking a little bit rainbow-esque.

My work clothes are my worst pieces though, I’ve always avoided wearing my best bits to work because the industry that I actually work in stinks. I don’t want my clothes reeking of it and I don’t want clothes I spent money on getting ruined. So, I look my worst when I’m at work and it’s something I actually wanted to change this year. I realised the reason I don’t like my work clothes is because the t-shirts are all from my teens and when I was in a little bit of a goth phase and wanted to be dripping in Drop Dead.

So, from my casual wear to my work wear this year I want to start with a colour scheme. I don’t want to restrict myself to just all black or just all white etc, but I do want to lean more towards a neutral palette, this tends to be the easiest to style and also looks fabulous on everybody. I don’t want to go too beigey or too uniform-y, and I definitely don’t want to restrict a pop of red here and there, but I do want to have a more put-together wardrobe – this will also mean that the need to spend and be a part of every single trend won’t be necessary, I feel like having a wardrobe that has a bit of everything in it = needing it constantly updated, which is not the case when you have a colour scheme.


I often feel like my outfits are missing something, and it wasn’t until around August when I began to care more about jewellery. It was then when I noticed that my outfits were starting to feel more complete and were looking more put together. I like simple necklaces and rings, but I love flashy earrings and big statements. My favourite earrings to wear though are hoops. I love a gold hoop and I think that they just make an outfit look so complete.

So this year I want to focus on creating an outfit that has jewellery to match. This is the beauty of a neutral palette too, a thin gold chain and some golden hoops go really far with beigey colour schemes and even on monochrome outfits, I do feel like there’s garments you can’t get away with wearing these pieces on though (a thick red jumper for example), but there are ways of pulling it off too.


I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned it on my blog and how many times I’ll mention it from here on out, but I’m tiny and it really affects my confidence and how I dress. I’m 4’11 and I’ve always found my short and curvy body hard to style, my hips have always been wide and my thighs chunky, so I always felt like I was a difficult shape. I worked around my curves and found clothes that look and feel good on it, but I always still felt like my height let me down. Back in December I bought a pair of Timberlands with my boyfriends help, and I noticed that even though they didn’t have a big heel on them or anything, they did make me feel a lot more confident.

So, I scoured through Instagram and fashion blogs looking at shoes, and I noticed that booties with a wedge look good with almost everything. Jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, its just a good look. I own a lot of chelsea boots and they’re always my favourite shoes to wear, so adding a bit of a chunky heel on them and styling them with the intention of looking a bit more chic is something that I definitely do want to try.

This year I’ve also set the goal of buying a pair of Gucci shoes, I’ll save for them when I’m ready to and I’ve even decided on the pair I’m going to save for, but I want a pair that I can dress up and dress down. I want a pair that are comfortable and that make me feel good, and even though I’ll be sporting cheaper alternatives for a while, I definitely want to invest in a good pair of booties that will last me years.

To reflect…

So even though my rules are somehow contradicting a bit of what I learned last year, I feel like right now I’m just at the point where I want my wardrobe to make sense, I can’t be bothered with trying too hard this year if I’m being honest, I’m quite happy to participate in trends every now and then but there will be trends I’ll take a miss out of if they just don’t align with me. I tried hard last year to take part in the trends that came my way but honestly, I just don’t have the patience for it. It’s disappointing to see yourself in something you like everyone else in, and not like it on yourself, and I just don’t like the pressure as a blogger and as a person of having to wear what everyone else is wearing all of the time.

Fashion is important to me, it’s always been something I’ve had a massive interest in and it’s the whole reason this blog even started, but I just don’t want it to become something that has a negative affect on my mental health and how I feel about my body and appearance. It’s easier to turn a blind eye to what the Kardashians are wearing and what every Instagrammer out there has on, and just buy what I like. 



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