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Skincare has always been a very prominent feature on my blog, especially over the last twelve months or so when I’ve had the chance to really try out some interesting products, to see what suits my acne-prone skin and what doesn’t. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ll be treating my skin this year, now that I know things that do and don’t work for my skin, and I’ve narrowed it down to quite a simple, easy routine.

I do think that in my case, less is more. The more products I put on my face, the drier and more irritated it becomes. There’s a few products that come to mind when I think about less being more, because I don’t need to go overboard putting twenty things on my skin, and a lot of products nowadays are fantastic and do a lot in just one bottle.

My Skincare Rules:

  • Keep a routine

It’s easy to come home after work and fall asleep instantly, believe me I have been there. But, I work in a greasy environment because the industry I work with uses a lot of oils and grease, so my skin becomes greasy and as a result of this: spotty. It’s important for me to come home and do my evening routine as soon as possible, because otherwise my skin suffers for it and I wake up to zingers on my chin that I’ll be sorry about.

  • Use serums and moisturisers together

I didn’t see the point in using a moisturiser and a serum before, considering a serum does everything a moisturiser is designed to do: and then some. But, after I ran out of my Skin Kissed serum a few months ago, I used my remaining bit and mixed it with a moisturiser and the affects were simply satisfying. My skin definitely felt a lot smoother, the dry areas hydrated and my skin actually had a glow. Since then, I’ve been mixing my Laidbare serum with a cheap moisturiser I bought in Lisbon last August, and it’s life changing.

  • Less is more

As I said in my intro, less is more for my skin. I’m not going to have a routine that consists of a million products, certain products can be used every now and then when my skin needs an extra push, or even as a pampering treat. But I don’t intend on over loading my skin with a million and one products this year, because it can have the opposite affect to giving me healthy, glowing skin.

What will I be using, then?

Now for the all important: what products are you even using then? Well, I have a lot of stuff in my beauty drawer and when I went through it, I found products that I haven’t used in a while that I always loved, and products that I had yet to use. So over the past few weeks these are the products that I’ve been using in my routine.

*Wake Eye Gel

When I was first getting into skincare when I was a teenager, I always associated eye gels with something women in their mid-40’s who were getting wrinkles needed. I didn’t actually realise that anyone could use an eye gel, and that the affects were just as good for someone aged twenty for someone aged sixty. Wake is a brand I’ve tried before, and I really loved them. So, to see them expanding their line is exciting to say the least, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they release since their last moisturiser was so good.

This eye gel is a bit thick in texture, and one pump is definitely enough per eye otherwise you’ll have loads of product on your eye and it’ll feel sticky and weird, but as I keep saying: A little does go a long way. Once it’s completely dried your eyes are noticeably brighter and more awake looking, but this isn’t an over-night product, you do have to keep using it to really get the affects of it. I also love the simple packaging, it’s not trying too hard and looks like it’s going for a trend that every brand seems to be dipping its toe into lately with easy, not over the top, designs.

I like to use this in the evening and in the morning, I put a small dot of it onto my index finger and rub it into my skin in a circular motion, it’s normally the first thing I do too since I don’t like to put serums around my eyes, this is a really nice product though and super affordable too for only £15.95 – a bargain, in my opinion.



Laidbare Serum

I love a good serum and last year I tried out so many, but my favourite scent wise, and affects wise, that I still have left is one that was sent to me last year from Laidbare. I didn’t use this one a great deal to begin with as I was getting through another one, and I did notice that this serum was a lot more watery than other ones that I’ve used before, but that can work to it’s advantage as only one or two drops are enough to cover my entire face, which means this product has lasted me a very long time, and I’ve got enough product left in it to last me for a few more months too. This is something I like to use twice a day too, once in the morning and once in the evening, it’s great for making my skin feel alive and clean, and I’ve noticed that I get a lot less break outs since I began using serums.

Elizabeth Arden Toner

This is the best investment for my skin that I made last year, I wouldn’t usually pay as much as I did for a toner but I’d heard great things about Elizabeth Arden’s skincare products and decided it was worth trying out. This toner is fantastic. I use it first before anything else, as it does dry out my skin a bit, which I tend to like so that all of the grease from my day at work is completely gone and not being further rubbed into my skin with serums etc. This smells great, but it does make my eyes water a lot as it is quite potent and the product is incredibly strong. I like to use a small amount dripped onto a cotton pad, and I’ll rub it all over my face so I feel clean and awake.


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