So, it’s actually been a week and a bit since the last time I sat down and wrote a post. You probably can’t tell since Blogmas was going up (that I wrote in the midst of a Summer heatwave mind you), but it’s time to get back into the swing of things, put the thousands of wrappers of After Eights in the bin and get back into the swing of things. I gave myself time off from photo taking, writing and Instagramming religiously to reboot my system and get a good break from the blog to find new inspiration and decide on the direction we’re going in during 2019. Exciting times.

A break always feels great and I never want it to end, but the truth is: Blogging has become my life. I wanted to get back into the swing of this after a few days off so here I am typing out whatever nonsense comes to mind and desperately searching for some inspiration to kick-start 2019 but it’s a rarity these days for me to sit down and have a “chat” in a normal way.

I actually spent my time off from work with Pedro, we explored around Liverpool, Birmingham and my home city. We had a lot of fun together and as always, it was sad to see him go home, but we’ve already decided on the next time we will see each other and we’re looking forward to it too! Whenever I’ve thought about 2019, it’s been a year that’s been blurry for me, I don’t know what’s coming or what I’ll do, I don’t know how well my blog will do or how well I will do at adulting, but I’m as excited as I was for 2018, because the unknown is exciting.

What are my plans for Georgia Anne in 2019?

This year I’ve decided to focus more on my three main categories and also expand into my sex and relationships category more. I’ve also decided that The Under 5’5 Club won’t be returning in 2019, it was making me realise that I actually don’t buy that many clothes nor do I follow that many trends, I just buy clothes that I like when I feel like it and The Under 5’5 Club honestly showed me that I’m in no position to offer advice when I wear the same 4 or so outfits just switched up on a nearly every day basis. I’ve also decided that this year I won’t be posting as much to my blog. 3 times a week is a bit daunting especially during the Winter period when I don’t have loads of day time to take photos and get things done, but also I noticed that my blog was starting to stress me out in 2018 and meeting up with my own deadlines whilst also having a job outside of my blog was nearing impossible – so I’ll be shortening my posting schedule to twice a week instead of three times, and I’ll be writing posts that you want to read more often (see my Insta stories for polls etc).

But, I also have decided to acknowledge that my blog and everything that I’ve been working on for all of these years is finally coming to something. This past year showed me that I have the potential to push my boundaries, try new things and experiment without shying away from my blogging roots as well. I always worried that talking about sex and relationships would seclude a part of my readership, or that people would lose interest in my blog because of those topics – I also didn’t know how to talk about sex without talking about my sex life too much, and having discovered the easy middle ground where I have fun writing and do so in a way that isn’t too TMI or boring, it’s made me realise that I’m actually really into the sex and relationships blogging style, even though you won’t have weekly segments of it and it’ll be a category that slowly fills up rather than  me trying to hastily fill up the category with as many posts as possible – because that’s where the spark becomes lost and you just start writing about any old thing.

2019 is also the year that I try to revive my newsletter somehow, I don’t want to do it as regularly as I did the first time around, I found monthly newsletters boring and I didn’t have a lot to write about because I’d already written about everything in my blog, so I’m considering a seasonal newsletter or rather, end of season newsletter, where I can round up the past few months and talk about what’s been going on around the world in one big round up of a newsletter – I don’t know how well this would do nor how much I’d like to write it, but I’d like to give it a go and see how I do.

I’ve also decided to let go of being so uptight, I was religiously reading as many blogs as I could to get my homework in and see what topics were trending around the blogosphere and to put my opinions in too, but it took the joy out of reading a blog and like I said, became homework. I just wanted to read blogs for the fun of it to begin with, and somewhere along the line it stopped being for fun. I’ll be reading for the joy this year – back to how it was before, and yes, I can gain inspiration and whatnot too, but for the most part, this will be my down time once again where I have a good time reading what everyone else is putting out there.



…And what about my personal life?

This year I’ve decided not to set any expectations. Last year things took a turn for the worst at the start of the year when Pedro got into an accident, it put a pause on something we’d decided on and he’s spent the past year recovering, we’ve managed to fit in visits and time together but his recovery has been slow and difficult, when I saw him last April he was in crutches and could barely move at a quick pace, my trip to Lisbon was still fabulous but he was exhausted. So because of this, I’ve decided not to make plans in my personal life, because last year I did and a tragic event happened which prolonged the plans that had been made.

However, I do have a few personal resolutions that aren’t plans to do with my life and my future, I’ve been thinking long and hard about my personal flaws and things about myself I’d like to work on this year, things that can be fixed, changed or improved – and things that I can start to do, things that are fresh in my routine. What are they?

  • I’d like to fix my posture.

I have terrible posture which has resulted in my spine arching, I noticed it a while ago and began trying to adjust my posture instantly. This is something I’d like to continue to work on in 2019, my spine may never go back to it’s natural shape but improving and fixing my posture is a step in the right direction. Pedro is a massive help with this when we are together, he will stop me from slouching in my seat and he even showed me how to lie down properly without damaging my posture, this one is important to me as it will affect my health in years to come.

  • I’d like to get better at writing

I’ve been blogging for four years this month and I feel like my writing and my writing style has definitely improved, I can write easier and come up with a fluid sentence easier than I could at the start of my blogging career, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t areas in which I need to improve. Blogmas showed me this, which is also why I decided not to do blogmas this year, I spent months planning it and in the end I just wasn’t pleased with it, and I had sacrificed the quality of a lot of my posts leading up to it which frustrated me a lot, so I’d like to take the time to improve my writing even more and to take the time to write a post instead of rushing through it to get the next one finished.

  • I’m going to take my appearance more seriously

Over the years you’ve probably seen my style change, I’ve gone from brunette to blonde to brunette again, I wrote about how I liked my style (at the time), and that I was okay with being a bit of a “tom boy” – and then a year later I’d completely changed my style again, and I realised that there’s no shame in being a bit of a tom boy but there is also no shame in taking your appearance seriously and looking good for nobody else other than yourself, because when you look good you feel good. I started to get eyelash extensions back in November and it’s amazing how much it affected my self confidence, something as simple as eyelashes made me feel amazing, and it made me realise that I don’t need to do massive changes to my face or my body to feel good, that my waxing sessions, eyelash extentions and frequent hair cuts make me feel fresh, make me feel good, and most importantly: Make me feel happy.

Happiness is going to become my main priority this year, I spent a lot of last year dwelling and feeling down about not being able to be there for the person I care for the most, and also because I finally moved up in my job after a few years but still felt like something was missing, it’s only been the past few weeks where I’ve been looking up a bit, realising that 2018 was actually pretty fantastic and that I was able to do things that I’ve never done before in my life, that I finally realised where my happy middle ground is, and I came to understand that I don’t have to like things because they are popular in the blogosphere, and that I’m allowed to try new things. So, 2019 I will make the effort to do everything I spoke about in this post. I will make the effort to make 2019 fantastic.

2019…Please be kind!



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