Smelling good is something that is very important to me, but I like to smell good for myself – I love getting a whiff of my perfume and wanting to bury my nose into my own skin, I love smelling fresh scents and the best part of my morning routine is that initial spray of perfume on my clothes and neck. Late last year I seemed to pick up a lot of new perfumes and scents in one big go, and I’ve had the absolute pleasure of trying out loads of new perfumes! I’ve definitely picked out some favourites and go-to’s, for example I love Gucci Guilty for when I’m feeling more zesty, and I adore the Givenchy name for when I want a quick spritz; but all in all, I prefer an Eau De Parfum for a long lasting scent that I can smell all day.

I love sharing my favourite smells with you though, especially since I’ve been scent hopping this year. My old favourite was my Vivienne Westwood perfume, I wore it every day for a solid two years but decided last year I was bored of smelling the same all of the time. It’s a good, cheap perfume and I think it’s a great gift idea, especially when you’re not really willing to spend too much on someone, you can find it online for about £20 – but I’m pretty much over it now, I’m ready to expand my collection and try out new smells!


I picked this one up in the Black Friday sales, it was around £40 or so discounted and I couldn’t not get it, especially being as it’s a 100ml and it was an absolute bargain. I already knew that I loved this perfume too, because one of my co-workers wears it a lot and I’d caught a whiff of it on her and I loved it, and also because my mum wears it too. It’s a very zesty perfume that reeks of oranges, it’s such a fabulous scent, especially for around the Spring, and I’m obsessed. I love the bottle design, a handbag is a very fun idea and I think it looks so boujee on my perfume stand.

You’ll like this scent if you like:

  • Zesty orangey smells
  • Summer scents
  • Overwhelming and long lasting scents
  • Fruity scents

Can this be a daily perfume?

There’s definitely certain smells out there that can’t be used for every day purposes, but Marc Jacobs Decedance isn’t one of those smells. When I’ve smelt it on women around me I love it, it makes me lust for the Summer and honestly, I’m already wishing the Winter away as it is. This perfume can be worn by all women, and it’s also the perfect gift if you’re looking to buy someone special a new perfume this upcoming Valentines day.


This perfume is amazing. It was bought for me as a 21st birthday present, and I’m really sad that I’ve already used so much of it up because it smells so good. I wear this as one of my every day perfumes, it’s a strong scent that I can smell on myself even hours after I’ve sprayed it, I also love the simplistic bottle and how classy it just is. This is the kind of smell that I’d fantasise about as a little girl, I always picked up on great smells especially when being close by to family members, I wanted to smell as great as the women in my life, and I suppose now I do!

You’ll love this perfume if you like:

  • A classic floral scent
  • Long lasting and strong smells
  • A feminine oriental scent
  • Classy, fresh smells

Can this be worn as an everyday perfume?

Absolutely! I wear this as a near every day perfume, it’s one I pick up really often and it’s already a quarter of the way finished and I’ve only had it just over a month! I love the feminine smell and this picks up a lot of compliments when people catch a whiff of it, I love the way that it’s a classic perfume and it’s stayed that way, this is the every woman’s perfume, anyone can wear it.


This is an Eau De Toilette perfume, and as I said above, I don’t tend to use these a lot because the scent doesn’t last as long, but when I first smelt this in Debenhams in Liverpool, I was all over it. I wanted it, and so I bought it. The scent is another floral smell with a hint of plum, the aroma is stunning and it’s so refreshing.

This definitely isn’t the kind of perfume that I’m used to wearing, it’s not overwhelmingly strong and the scent itself is quite

You’ll love this scent if you like:

  • Floral and fruity scents
  • A light fragrance
  • Undertones that smell like an Autumnal morning
  • A simple feminine fragrance

Is this an every day perfume?

Honestly, for this one I don’t think it’s an every day perfume and more of a quick spritz to refresh yourself. This is just my preference though because as I keep saying, I generally don’t think that Au De Toilette perfumes last long enough. If I had the EDP, I’d wear it as an every day fragrance for sure because there really is a difference.


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