If you work in an office, then more likely than not you’re going to be attending an office party around this festive season. This obviously isn’t just limited to office jobs, most workplaces will throw a party to celebrate Christmas and the year with employees and give you an evening to unwind. My workplace has thrown parties for years, some better than others and some that I haven’t bothered attending (admittedly: laziness), but you should embrace this evening to wind down with your work friends and make a real effort to get ready. 

There is nothing more fun than knowing you’re going out for a good time and getting ready for it, my favourite part of going out is the getting ready portion of the evening, I love transforming myself for the evening and feeling very Cinderella. From rags to riches! Or…so I’d like to imagine.




After priming my face, my first step is to apply foundation all over my face evenly. I use my damp beauty blender to apply the foundation all over.


I’m beginning to contour my face using concealer, this is usually a step that I take a miss on but because it’s a Christmas party, I decided to go all out and do a full look (without anything on my eyes). So, for step two I’m carving out where I would like my brightening areas to be using concealer, and also concealing any pesky spots I want to hide, and then blending it all out.

Contour do’s and don’ts:

Do: Begin with your highlight first

Do: Blend without dragging

Don’t: Do everything together, this can create a mudded look

Don’t: Drag your product up or down, blend into the skin by dabbing with a blender or going over your product in a circular motion with your brush.



I’m now setting in my concealer and foundation using a translucent powder. I’m using the xx powder by xx.


I’m now beginning to apply my contour, I’m using a sleek palette because I feel like the ashy tones suit contouring best, I’m using my brush to define a 3 shape from my cheek bones, along the side of my temples and under my jawline.



After applying my contour, to warm up my face I’m applying my bronzer slightly above where my contour has been put, this makes my face look less ashy and more bronzed.


This is time to add some colour to the face, so I’m putting a blush all over the apples of my cheeks.



My favourite part: Highlighting! I’m using a Jeffree Star highlighter, and I used the shade (x). I don’t really rate this one that much if you want a blinding highlight, it’s perfect for subtlety, but I was a bit disappointed by the lack of blinding.


This step is more optional but for those of us who love a plump lip, I’m applying a base for my lipstick with the Soap & Glory pillow plumper. It does the trick nicely and is a great base for my lipstick.


This year I decided to grow out my fringe and stop using straighteners so often on my hair, which resulted in pony tails nearly every day for the past few months. So naturally, I had my fringe cut back in and decided to get all of the breakage cut out (my hair feels a lot lighter and shorter but so worth it), so now I’m adjusting to my more shaggy fringe and short layers.

For a Christmas do, I’d like my hair to look a bit different – but I’m not going to sit here showing you how to do this and that, because hair isn’t something I’m good with, so I simply used (this) as a heat protectant and added a bit of volume using (this), blow dried my hair and left it a bit wavy, not totally straight, and pulled it into a half pony. You could dress it up with a hair accessory like a head band or a ribbon, and if you have longer hair then a nice big bun with a velvet red scrunchie would look fabulous.

Pinterest is a great tool for these things though, I’ve decided to find three hair styles that I think are lovely for each hair length, because obviously if you have a bob then it’s going to be a bit harder to do a half-up style with a big velvet scrunchie.

Ideas for you:


I’m a simpleton, a plain jane if you will, especially when it comes to parties and going out. I opt for comfort over glam, because if I’m going to be out all night then I at least want to be comfortable. So this year I’m sticking to that rule, I bought a Christmas dress (because why not?) but I definitely haven’t bought an outfit for my Christmas do. I opened my wardrobe and had a look for an outfit that I really love and feel good in which also ties in with a bit of a festive twist.

Dresses you might like to wear:


Finishing off my look, I applied a fitting red lip. You may have noticed that I took a miss on any mascara, this is because I have my eyelashes done already and it’s a bit of an eyelash no-no to put mascara on top of falsies. But my super easy, kind of lazy look might not be for everybody, you may want to jazz up your look or add a bit more sparkle than I did, so I have a few more suggestions.


  • Use a silver glittery eyeshadow all over your lid and do a sharp wing on top
  • Add glitter around your eyes if eyeshadow isn’t your thing for a festive pop
  • Tie your hair into a bun and wrap a festive scarf around it for a vintage look
  • Wear christmas tree earrings!




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