When I last spoke about treating yourself, it was back in June and not in the context of buying – well this time it is. We get so caught up over Christmas buying gifts for everyone else, that we forget to treat ourselves. Here are five gifts that you can sign To me From me this Christmas.

Treating yourself is more than just mindless consumerism, yes we don’t need things to make us happy but honestly, pampering ourselves and buying things that we like do make us happy whether we like it or not. I’m definitely someone who believes that this time of the year shouldn’t just be about buying gifts for everyone around you, there’s bargains everywhere and sales on all the time, so we definitely do need to take advantage of that for gift-buying purposes and self gift-buying purposes.


This is my favourite perfume at the minute, I love the strong floral scent and I think the bottle looks great too, there’s something about a bottle that isn’t trying too hard to stand out that I appreciate, I actually treated myself to this in September and bought the gift set with the roll on perfume to keep in my desk at work, it was a bit expensive but honestly so worth the money. I wear this every day unless I’m feeling like a change, but it’s such a great perfume and I highly recommend this.


Again, something a bit pricey but so worth it. I bought this toner for the first time in July, and I pretty much religiously use it every single day. This is the best toner I’ve ever used, and I always use it after removing my makeup because I’ve noticed it’s the first toner that picks up bits of leftover makeup and actually removes it. I also like to use this on my face after a day at work, it just brings the life back into my skin and makes me feel clean without needing to go too heavy on my face. This is great if you’re someone who takes skincare seriously and wants to treat themselves to something excellent for your skincare routine.


If spending over £15 on a toner isn’t your thing, then try out the Pixi trio that ASOS is currently selling. It’s important to look after your skin, but if you can find a cheaper alternative to a pricier product, then by all means try that one.


Okay, admittedly, I was bought a Kate Spade watch for my 21st from my parents but I love it so much that I thought I’d include it, I haven’t linked the exact watch (just because I think it’s a bit rude of me to go looking for it online now), but it’s such a great, high quality watch and I love the leopard print strap.


I’ve also got a thing for candles lately, I love the mood they set and if it’s scented, even better. I’ve always loved the candles that Laura Ashley sells because they make the effort with the way the holder looks too, so whilst it’s not burning it just looks nice, my favourite scents around this time of year tend to be more zesty because I’m longing for the Summer again, so anything fruity and tasty smelling is a win with me.


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