Something about hitting twenty last year (I am now twenty one and it is very surreal), made me realise that it was time to break out of the ol’ comfort zone and find love in fashion where I still don’t let the 16 year old in me make my choices. This year I went through a lot of self discovery in my fashion persona, I tried trends that I didn’t expect to hop on, I gave advice on wedding guest dressing and my holiday wardrobe was on point. I learned a few things, so here’s the 3 main points.


It’s not easy to break out of your comfort zone

I’m an all-black skinny jean girl at heart and this year I wanted to let go of that the most, I was feeling bored and over the sameyness of the black skinny jeans and I wanted to hop on the fun-pants trend, I invested in a pair of Asos peg trousers and they quickly became my favourite pair that I wore so much – but the temptation to stick my Topshop Jonie Jeans on was there every time I opened up my wardrobe.

Breaking out of your comfort zone isn’t easy, and I did a lot of clothes shopping this year where I made the conscious choice to buy things that the me from twelve months ago would’ve never thought to have put on. I dove into leopard print, I swam around maxi skirts and dipped my toes into high heels. But it wasn’t as easy as the movies make it out to be when the girl has a total makeover and nails it in a day. It took time and getting used to, to evolve my wardrobe was no easy feat, but when I look at it now and decide what to wear, I’m happy that it’s not all bland black and white themes, that I have pattern and colour and garments I genuinely love. It’s new to me, and I hope I don’t relapse and end up in all black throughout every day of 2019.

Personal Style doesn’t exist and it’s definitely not a statement

Yep, I spent the first few months trying to discover a personal style and see which niche I fit into the best, I’d follow girls on Instagram who all seemed to slot nicely into categories that I didn’t, and then it hit me: My personal style doesn’t exist, it’s fluid and I like a bit of everything – and my personal style isn’t a statement nor should it have to be. I felt happy about the fact and it made shopping for my clothes and my outfits a lot easier.

You shouldn’t compare yourself to that pretty girl on Instagram who always has outfits that match her theme and she has a colour scheme going on, because if that’s not you then it’s simply just not you. There’s nothing wrong with being yourself and just wearing an outfit cause you think it’s cool or wearing one because you’re feeling like being comfortable and you CBA with a dress and heels.

What is on your feet can tie the look together

I used to just throw a pair of Vans on and leave it at that, this past year I’ve made the effort to match my socks to my shoes, and to put the right shoes on with an outfit. I definitely have been partial to wearing my supergas with a long coat and smart trousers just because I like the way it looks, but I’ve also worn a lot of chelsea boots and brogues this year just because it matches better.

You can express yourself however you like

This means that if you want to wear a bright yellow jumper with some neon green trousers and you feel great about it, then go for it. I’ve branched out a lot this year with my style, and I’ve made the effort to be more colourful and bright.

Yes you CAN mix and match styles

So if one day you want to wear a look inspired by street style, and the next you’re feeling more grunge, you can go for it! I also don’t mind it when people were rock band t-shirts as a street statement and have never heard the band, because honestly, you’re promoting the band and your outfit looks fabulous.

It’s fun to experiment

I’ve definitely experimented a lot over the past 2 years with my style, I’ve been trying to find the perfect middle ground of my style and to find my sense of self. This year I’ve definitely gotten there, or at least, I’m the closest to it I’ve ever been. I know what I like, I know what looks good on me and I really make the effort to buy clothes or to style clothes in a way that I love.


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