If you have a pet then you understand how important they are, how they’re a part of the family and just as you treat your family to gifts and love over the Christmas period, why should we leave out our pets? 

So, I’ve thrown together this pet gift guide – and it’s specifically for dogs, so if you have a cat or anything else this may not be suitable. Also, I’ve done it this close to Christmas because you don’t need to splurge on your dog, and it’s kind of hard to considering everything is so low-priced.

Bunty Double Sided Brush*

This is a fabulous and inexpensive gift to give your pet this Christmas, my pooch Effie loves it, whenever we get it out for her she gets so excited because obviously, it feels nice on her fur.

She prefers the metal rod side of the brush, she tends to really calm down when you use this side on her, but on the bristle side we tend to smooth out her fur better and she looks really fresh afterwards.

The bristled side of the brush is used for collecting fur, and it definitely does do the job, Effie isn’t a pooch that sheds a lot but the brush definitely picks up quite a bit of fur from her, and the rodded side just feels nice and puts her in a relaxed state as you brush her. I bet this would work wonders on any breed of dog, it’s an incredibly useful thing to have laying around too – my other dog, who sadly passed a few years ago, had a skin condition and she would’ve loved a brush like this relaxing her as it relieved her skin. This is also just a nice gift idea in general because even though dogs love to play and chew, they also value down time with their owner, so being pampered and cared for is just as much of a treat for them as being given a bone!


Why I feel like it’s important to include our pets in the festivities

Honestly, it goes without saying that we love our pets and they’re part of the family, whilst yes they don’t know what Christmas is, it’s nice to include them in the day and have them feeling a little bit special too, because Christmas is about family, which is what our pets become.



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