Remember when I said I was gonna start doing a monthly favourites? Remember how I only did one then left it for two months? YIKES. Well, here I am again gathering some favourites from october and november. Honestly, there’s no real excuse for abandoning my monthly faves, they were here to serve the purpose of replacing my newsletter which I decided to stop doing because it was becoming a bit of a hindrance to my blog, but all-in-all, it was pretty much a monthly favourites. So when I began scheduling monthly favourites, I realised the problem with both them and the newsletter. It’s hard to come up with things you liked if your routine was pretty much the same and you didn’t try anything new.

So, here I am listing out some favourites from the past two months, perhaps I will have shown you some new goodies and perhaps you’ll be sick of me banging on about some of these, but here we go.



Baked by Lou

If you’ve been paying close attention to me on my social media, then you know that I’ve been loving handmade jewellery from Baked by Lou – and brace yourself to hear a lot about her over my blogmas because I’m obsessed.

Firmoo Glasses

Even though I choose to not wear them in many of my photos, I actually need prescription glasses in order to actually see the world clearly. I was watching some YouTube videos and I loved the glasses one particular girl was wearing in a video, and I wasn’t the only one because she had been asked in the comments, and said she’d ordered them from a website called Firmoo. I didn’t end up buying the same glasses she had on, but I did find a pair of large black frames that I loved. The frame isn’t as thick as what I usually go for, but they’re so stylish and sleek looking – I got them for an absolute bargain in the sales too for just a measly £23. Love it.


Over the past few months I’ve been quite lucky in the sense that quite a few brands sent me out new makeup to try, all of it excellent BTW. But a few brands and products stuck in mind and were reused constantly throughout October/November (which I think also make great gifts if you have a makeup lover in your life).


I wrote a review on the first day of blogmas for 3INA, so you can go back and read that to get the full jist of why I’m so into this brand, but they have a particular product that I’ve been really loving and going back to time and time again, which is their copper lipgloss.

Ciaté Glitter Flip

I’ve gone off liquid lipsticks completely, but the Ciate Glitter Flip range is definitely one that has won me over; I love all things glitter and the formula is perfect and doesn’t make your lips look like you haven’t had a beverage for weeks.

Gucci Bloom

I LOVE THIS. You know when you find a fragrance that just fits you, and then you can’t stop smelling it and overdoing it with how much you choose to spray it? That’s me with Gucci Bloom, it’s my favourite fragrance at the minute and it gets so many compliments. This would be perfect for a Christmas present too – as I already stated in my gift guide last month.






A bit of a cheap move here but I actually put together a playlist of my favourite songs of the past few months. There’s been loads of hits out that I’ve bitten into the hype with; my little niece loves Ariana Grande so thank u, next has been in my head constantly throughout the past month or so.



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