This year has been the year of loving makeup and trying new things, for me anyway. Last year I was opting for a very basic eyeliner-only look, but this year I’ve spent the past twelve months trying new products, trying new looks and improving my makeup skills. I’ve found products that I genuinely love and I’ve found products that I genuinely hate – but all that aside, here’s what I loved this year.

This has been the year of finding new brands to love, and whether they’ve been in the game a while or not doesn’t affect how I feel about them, this year I tried out more Too Faced products and extended my little collection further, I tried a lot of indie brands and even jumped on the holographic bandwagon, the trends this year have been the best so far too – blue eyeshadow made a comeback and glitter has been everywhere. Can’t say I don’t love that.

Too Faced Born This Way

I’ve been on the hunt for a foundation that isn’t full coverage and is dewy for a long time, I’ve been going back and forth between foundations finding what I love and hate, and the Too Faced Born This Way foundation has been the one to suit my skin and my skin tone the most, it’s a lot pricier than I usually pay for a foundation but I’ve genuinely been loving it, and it made me realise that foundations aren’t so bad after all.

3INA Destination Dance Collection

I’d never heard of 3INA until I discovered them on Instagram and loved their things, around the same time 3INA found me and sent me a DM asking if I’d like to try out their new Destination Dance collection, and I did. Every product they sent me was phenomenal and I’ve been wearing their lip glosses ever since every time I do my makeup, and their cream eyeshadows are to die for. 

Sleek Contour Palette

This year I began contouring – something I’d never been that interested in doing before, so when my little sister gave me her sleek contour palette, little did she know that she had introduced me to a product that I’d come to love. It’s the first contour palette that I’ve been wowed by, a little goes a long way and the ashy tones match my complexion naturally, I still have a long way to go when learning how to contour, but this palette is great.

Too Faced Peach Palette

Another contour style palette is the Too Faced Peach Palette, I bought this when I went to Lisbon back in August and I’ve used it nearly every day since. I love the natural blush and the bronzer looks wonderful and gives the illusion of a tanned face and peachy complexion.

Odylique Cruelty Free Lipsticks

Cruelty Free makeup is important, especially in this day and age, so when Odlyique sent me two of their lipsticks to try I was more than happy to test them out and even write a little review, I was so impressed that the lipsticks have actually become a regular in my makeup routine, I love the pigment and rosey undertones their lipsticks have, Odylique is a year-round brand too, unlike some where a lot of their products are more Summery and what you lean towards in June-September, Odylique can definitely be a brand you wear and love year round.



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