To be honest, this year I’ve spent a lot of money on Christmas presents, and most of that has gone towards my little niece. I’ve found shopping for her to be insanely easy, because everywhere you go, there’s things for babies that you know they will love. My niece is one and a half years old and she’s in the stage of her life where she loves sounds, colours, music and anything she can cuddle.

Now I know what you’re thinking – I’ve cut this one really really close, you’re not guaranteed to have things delivered and what are you thinking, Georgia?! So, this will be an affiliate-link, ordering online free gift guide. All of the websites I will link, have physical stores you can go to tomorrow, because it’s Saturday of course, and the stress of buying for your own little niece will be lifted. Of course, everything I link isn’t guaranteed to be in stock but this is also just drawing some ~inspo~ for you to make your shopping a lot less stressful.

The Gifts:

Argos (You can click & collect!)

The Entertainer (Free Click & Collect!)

Smyths Toy Store (Click & Collect available!)



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