The holidays are coming and consumerism is at its peak, we’re all running off to our local shopping centres desperately searching for something to give Mum or the lady in the office that you don’t really talk to that often but you’re just being polite, and opting for cheap candles and a box of choccies. Well, why not spruce up your gifts a bit this year? Why not get something a little bit more unexpected, something perhaps – from an independent brand.

When it comes to independent brands your options are unlimited, there’s a niche for everything. Finding them may be a little bit more trickier than just popping into your local Primark, but with the help of Google and Instagram, I’d say finding independent brands is now more accessible than ever. Especially when you’re Christmas gift shopping, or just treating yourself.


I bought a pair of earrings from Now or Never back in October, they were a pair of rain cloud earrings and they are beautiful in person; the stud glitters and the embellishments on the earrings are top quality. Yes, you’re paying a bit more for these than you would in Primark or whatever, but they’re really good quality, and I haven’t had an allergic reaction to them which = bonus.



I’ve been raving about Baked By Lou for the longest time now; but there’s a reason why: Her ceramics and her jewellery are really good. I have a few pairs of earrings from her now and they’re the most comfortable earrings I own; they’re light and easy to style, my ears have taken a liking to them (no allergies yay!), and you’re guaranteed to have a unique piece each time, making it more personal to you.


I spoke about Neon Moon a short while ago, and I was so impressed by their lingerie and ethics, this would make the perfect brand to buy from and gift to someone in your life who likes to feel good underneath their clothes.


I bought a sun jellies bag because I just liked it, but honestly this is definitely more of a Summer staple and doesn’t quite work as well around the Fall/Winter period, but it’s still a cute jelly brand that would make a great gift to someone who likes quirkier accessories.



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