love Christmas time simply for the fact that I love to buy gifts and see the expression on my gift-ee’s face when they see what I bought them. I love to make other people feel happy. It’s in my nature, I’m a text book people pleaser. So, naturally I’ll enjoy something like a Secret Santa. I’ve actually never participated in a secret santa at work (because we’ve never done one), and I’ve always wanted to. When I worked for a popular high street store they did do a secret santa that I was left out of, I was absolutely gutted by the fact but what can ya do. So, I’m doing my own little secret Santa gift guide this year. 

I also understand that let’s be honest, if you’ve pulled a name out of a hat – some of you probably have a very eh relationship with the person you pulled out, and some of us just simply don’t want to have another expense on our hands, so I’m putting a budget on each section going up to £30 – because anything above that is crazy in my opinion.


Up to £5:

Up to £10:

Up to £20

Up to £30


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  1. December 5, 2018 / 11:37 pm

    I was actually just invited to a secret santa event so this is the perfect post for me haha! The ASOS ultimate gifting box is what’s definitely catch my eye.

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