Christmas Time is upon us, there’s festive music on the radio, Christmas lights up in the streets and we’ve all got the festive bug. I’ve finished my present buying and now I’m waiting for the big day to arrive! (Also because I’m extremely excited to get a fortnight off from work), but there’s lots of traditions that we’re encouraged to keep up with around this time of the year too. Obligations, if you will.

Well, I’m here to tell you that a lot of those traditions are a load of crap. It’s time to break old traditions and make new ones, better ones.

I’m actually not that big on Christmas, I do love it and I look forward to it; but only on Christmas Eve. Other than that I actually prefer NYE, it’s less stress, less expensive and the mood just feels nicer, we’re leaving the past 12 months behind us and moving forward into a new year. It feels nice to be able leave the past behind – so why not leave past traditions behind as well when it rolls around to the festive season?

Don’t Feel Forced To See Family

I’m blessed in the sense that my immediate family are a group of the most amazing people, I love them unconditionally and I get excited to spend time with them as a whole, but obviously not everybody is so lucky, and for a lot of people seeing family can feel forced and you just don’t feel like it. We all have those family members too whether they’re from our extended family or our household family that we’re just not overly keen on and don’t fancy sitting at a table with eating lunch and pretending like we didn’t go the whole year without actually seeing each other.

So, if you’re not on the best of terms with your family, don’t feel forced to see them! Instead, ask your friends how they feel about coming over for Christmas lunch and having a party with them, or if you’re in the process of making a family of your own spend the day with them – and of course, if you’re a homebody and you’d rather just spend the day with yourself and your significant other, that’s fine too! Make your own tradition, replace a toxic one with one that you’re going to love.

Present Buying

The older you get, the more you’ll notice your pile of presents is significantly less. This may not even be a bad thing, but if you’re struggling to buy for other people then buy within your means. If you have a load of nephews and nieces to buy for, they’ll appreciate a box of chocolates or some new comfy pyjamas, you don’t have to be spending loads and loads on everyone and you certainly don’t have to be buying more than one gift. Establish this with your family, tell them that they don’t have to gift you if they don’t feel like it – because gift buying is a burden on a lot of people.

I love buying gifts and seeing how happy people get when they see what I thought of to buy them, but that’s the thing: It’s always the thought that counts. I could buy my mum some cleaning supplies and she’d be the happiest lady in the country, you don’t always have to go out and make a big point with your gift.

A big Christmas dinner

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had those years where we didn’t really fancy a Christmas dinner, so why should we? Even if you do want one, who wants to stand around labouring to cook it? Just book up at your local pub a few months in advance next year and have someone else cook it for you (lol). But if this year you’re just not in the mood to cook one, have a pizza and call it a day. There’s no shame in it.


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