As we get older, things change. We’re not as excited about life or as naive as we once were, so this means that yearly traditions such as Christmas lose their sparkle, we don’t seem to get as enthusiastic about Christmas, and it’s more of a countdown to breaking up from work than it is a countdown to actual Christmas day. But is the Christmas spirit truly dead?

I honestly don’t think that it is. Yes we lose enthusiasm but Christmas is still surrounded in a magical feeling – especially when you have family, and especially when you have kids in the mix. Instead of having Christmas be special and magical for you, you want Christmas to be special and magical for them. Which makes sense. I don’t go to bed as early as 8pm waiting for Santa Claus to come and drop my presents off, we lay the presents out the day before and continue life as normal – last year my family even waited until everyone was together at lunch time to open our gifts.

For me, Christmas was a bit eh over the last couple of years, maybe last Christmas was the first time I got really excited for it in a while and genuinely enjoyed my day, but I also think the addition of my little niece to the family played a really big role in how I felt, so when I finally have children of my own, I’ll probably feel even more excited about Christmas and what it’ll bring.

I also work now, so I really appreciate the time off – it’s my week to not do my job and my week off to not write any blog posts. It’s a real break and a much needed one that I just took for granted as a student when I had more weeks off in the year. I did lose my Christmas spirit for a long time, and the time of year didn’t feel particularly special, but I can honestly say that last year, and this year, I’ve been feeling really festive and just excited.

Can we reignite a lost enthusiasm for the Christmas Spirit?

Well, yeah, why not? I think Christmas is all about the level of effort that you want to put into the day, and how much you care about your family’s day too.

I also feel like the environment has changed a lot since I was a little girl, certain cities around the world still achieve a sense of magic but mine just…doesn’t? I noticed it the most when I visited Lisbon, the level of effort that goes into decorating every building and making everywhere look special definitely made me realise how glum and boring my own city is – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your home super festive, that you can’t go out of your way for the little ones and that you can’t have the Christmas radio station on all month and dedicate an entire afternoon to wrapping gifts the best you can, ribbons and all.

This isn’t everybody’s favourite time of year and I get that, there’s reasons why people dislike it, (I personally hate the season not the festivities), but what’s better than a paid week off work to drink wine and be jolly for a whole 10 days?

So how can we reignite the Christmas Spirit on the big day?

If you have a family it’s easy:

  • Big family dinner, music playing, games and crackers!
  • Get the little ones excited with fake snow with Santa foot prints in the morning
  • Open your presents all together instead of individually in your separate houses
  • Watch a Christmas movie together in the evening

For those of you who aren’t spending Christmas with your families and instead, are having friends over – you can more or less do the same things but with much more alcohol.


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