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With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve all got Mariah Carey fever, we’ve all made playlists for our Christmas parties and the line All I want for Christmas is yoooou is on repeat in our heads none stop – and that’s the joy of the festivities. But admittedly, coming to make a playlist can take a long time that a lot of us just can’t be bothered with, so we turn our heads to Spotify and downloading already curated playlists – or some of us like to cater our playlists to our own tastes and to our guests tastes, it’s a bit of fun, even if it’s time consuming!

I’ve been wearing my Panasonic Bluetooth Headphones a lot over the past few weeks, the convenience of not having wires dangling everywhere and only having to worry about charging them once every few days is amazing. Not only have I been using the Christmas playlist I made for the intention of using at Christmas parties, but I’ve even been blasting it on solo through my new headphones, because I can be festive and listen to my Christmas playlist a little early too, alright?



If like me, you enjoy making your own playlist then I have a few tips for you (and if you don’t, keep reading – I’ll be linking my playlist at the end), but if you’ve been assigned the task of office party playlist maker, or if you’re hosting a Christmas party of your own in any way, then congrats! you’re up to the best task – the one where you get to show off how amazing your own taste in music is as well as getting everyone in the mood to get up and have a dance – how satisfying is that? So here’s a few tips for you:

  • Make a group chat and ask everyone what they want to hear
  • Add your favourite Christmas themed songs and scramble them around so everyone has the chance to have what they want and what you want evenly
  • Mix and match covers and originals, Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree is a classic example of a song that has hundreds of covers as well as a great original
  • Don’t get too carried away with Michael Bublè – he’s amazing we get it, but too much is well… too much.
  • Ask everyone if they want it to be entirely Christmas themed, otherwise you can throw in a few hot songs in there too!
  • Keep it to at least 50 tracks / up to 2 hours


Okay, I’ve been a bit (very) skeptical about bluetooth headphones in the past, the question: Why would I pay loads just to keep needing to charge them? cropped into my head a lot and I honestly just stuck to my wired earphones that get in the way, get trapped in things and fall out all the time.

So, I bit the bullet and got myself a pair of the Panasonic BTD5E K headphones. They came uncharged (which is to be expected), so I spent a couple of hours with them plugged into my laptop to reach full charge, and then two weeks later (not kidding), I was charging them up again once more. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t use them on a constant basis that the charge lasted so long, or because the battery is just that good, but I was honestly really impressed and surprised by the longevity of the battery.

My next concern was with the quality of the sound: If it was through bluetooth, then how could I have been guaranteed it wouldn’t wipe out my iPhone battery and also sound clouded and foggy. To be honest, I didn’t notice an affect on my phones battery life through the use of bluetooth, and the sound quality is impeccable, it’s so clear and the volume goes up to a really comfortable volume – these also are sound cancelling, so all I can hear is the whistles of Mariah Carey in my eardrums without the sounds of the world around me interrupting.

The only downside to any bluetooth headphone is that if they have a mic, they do sacrifice the quality of the sound for the microphone being used, but honestly this isn’t that big of a deal if your main intention is to listen to music, these obviously aren’t gaming headphones so you won’t be using them for those purposes; for what they’re built for they’re incredible.



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