*Products in this article were gifted to me for the sake of review

Happy Blogmas! Today marks the first post in this years Blogmas series. Last years blogmas actually felt a little bit underwhelming when I looked back on it, I wanted to focus away from Christmas and make content you can read all year round, but when I looked back this year I realised that the content just didn’t hit the mark the way I wanted to – it aged just as bad as Christmas 2017 content would’ve.

So this year, it’s Christmas Christmas Christmas! Starting off with a Christmas Party must have – as you know I’m very basic with my makeup, the past few months I’ve been very much a red lip and mascara basics kinda gal, which is nice because it’s comfortable. But for Christmas parties and even for Christmas day, I’d like to step up my game a little bit and put some actual effort into my makeup looks.

I’ve been looking around the internet for inspiration and other peoples looks and I’ve noticed there’s a common theme this year: glitter, holographic lips and colour. This year was a good makeup year for the internet, and I’ve come across quite a lot of new brands thanks to Instagram and the like.



3INA (Pronounced: Mee-nuh)

“3INA was born with a view to disrupt. Responding to a generation who approached makeup in a fresh, fearless and democratic way, is a brand that is playful, built on confident aesthetics, and with a commitment to delivering premium products at an affordable price.” – 3INA website

Destination Dance

Destination Dance is the latest collection to come from 3INA, and is the collection that I was sent to try! Normally a collection with interesting holographic packaging and a fun theme, like Destination Dance will grab my interest but not my purse; trying these products out has shown me what I’ve been missing out on all along.

As I previously said, I like a classic, basic look, it’s easy to do and lasts all day, but with the Destination Dance collection it’s been hard to resist the urge to play with my makeup and try something new, each product in the collection is unique to my makeup collection, I haven’t tried anything like what I’ve received before. 3INA has given me the freedom to play with a new look, experiment with colour and learn how to use new products.

Everything that I’ve used in the Destination Dance collection has been easy to apply, super pigmented and most importantly: fun. There’s something for everybody in this collection, whether you like to be more out there and try out vibrant eyeshadows or whether you like to be more plain and stick with rose gold and nude shades – nobody has been left out, we’re all invited to the dance.

What I received:

-The Destination Dance Bundle which contains:

  • Groove Gloss – Unlimited Shine in Ultraviolet
  • Lip Sync – Red Lights
  • Glide n Shine – Blue Note
  • Lash Flash
  • Dance Potion

= £49.90

-Extra Goodies:

  • Groove Gloss – Unlimited Shine in Copper Flame = £12.95
  • Lip Sync in Nude Lights = £12.95
  • Glide n Shine Golden Hit = £12.95
  • Glide n Shine Silver Pop = £12.95

My First Impressions

The first time I actually used anything out of my 3INA goodies, I was on Skype with my boyfriend who actually told me to calm down because I was that excited. I started off by using the more out there shades, I tried the blue eyeshadow all over my eyelids and holographic lipgloss on my bare lips with my NYX blue eye liner on top: admittedly, I regretted using the eyeliner when I posted my pics because it received the most comments, and also because eyeliner tends to take over my entire eye and you can’t see the gorgeous blue eyeshadow underneath, so a few days later I tried a totally new look where I could really make the eyeshadow stand out (as pictured above), and it received a lot of compliments and people asking me where the eyeshadows were from.

So, do I recommend 3INA?

Absolutely. This is the brand to look out for at the minute in my opinion, they’re consistently excellent and going through their website, affordable too. There’s something for everybody and they match up to all tastes and styles, and by sending me this incredible collection to try out, they’ve gained a customer out of me too.


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