An easy, natural, no-makeup makeup look is something that we all love to do. One, because it’s so easy, and two, because it just looks so nice and effortless. My go to makeup look is always a natural one, I like to use red lipstick as my “pop” but for the most part, I like to look like this is how I rolled out of bed.

So, today I’m going to show you in five easy steps how I like to do my natural makeup look from start to finish. I always begin by prepping my face using moisturisers and a good primer, I then let it set into my skin for about 10-15 mins so in this time I’ll do my hair or make my bed, this just means that everything has definitely set and I’m not applying foundation on top of damp skin.


Apply your foundation all over your face using a damp sponge, I recommend using the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish foundation for a medium to light coverage. I personally prefer my foundation to be as light coverage as possible when I am doing a natural look, a bit of redness coming through here and there helps achieve making your look as natural as possible

  • Optional 1: Use concealer to cover over any pesky blemishes, I chose not to use any for the sake of keeping my skin looking as if I have no coverage, I also prefer a little bit of redness – but if you don’t, then try using the Benefit Bo-ing concealer over any red areas.
  • Optional 2: When you are done you can set your face using a powder. I recommend using a loose powder however I chose to not use one for this look to keep my skin looking as dewy as possible

A cheaper, just as good foundation is the Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur foundation for £7.65


Using your favourite brush, apply your bronzer so that your face has some colour and doesn’t look too pale. Try not to put too much on as we are keeping this as natural as possible, I applied it all to my cheek bones and on my forehead and jaw line.


Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks, do so in an upwards motion in the same line that you drew your contour in, this blends everything together to give your makeup a more seamless and natural look.


This is completely optional, but I like to apply a highlight to my brow bone and cheek bone, I like to use an eyeshadow blending brush to apply it as I feel like it does a better job than a fan brush, I am using a NYX brush to do this with. I also think that highlight can help achieve a dewy look without having to be dewy. Since the rest of my foundation is also quite dewy it looks as though it’s meant to be that way instead of created that way.


Coat your eyelashes in your favourite mascara, and then apply your favourite lip balm to prep your lips for lipstick if you want to wear any. I am using a Maybelline lip balm, I like this because it moisturises your lips really well and also gives you a subtle tint, so you can also get away with using this as your lipstick too. Alternatively you can try using the Weleda lip balm in rose, which also gives your lips a nice rose tint.


For my lipstick I tried two different tones on separate days, to glam the look up a little bit I tried a darker berry lip, since everything else is so bare I definitely think that you can get away with having a statement lip even when you’re trying to do a more natural look, I think it looks really pretty and ties together an all-round bare faced look nicely.

However, if you want to keep everything as bare and close to your natural tones as possible, then I also tried using a nude lipstick with a bit of gloss coated over the top. This made my skin appear more peachy and is appropriate for work, school or even just to go out in.

Other options:

  • If you want to fill in your brows, use a shade as close to your natural colour as possible and draw in thin lines in an upwards motion; I chose not to fill in my eyebrows as this is something I don’t regularly do anyway, but it also helps giving the illusion of a bare face.
  • Use a brown mascara instead of black, this makes your eyelashes look more natural if you have fair hair and skin.
  • Only use lipgloss instead of lipstick to keep your lips looking full, pouty and bare.

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