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Shopping for men is usually the hardest part of the Christmas shopping routine, and when you have many men in your family to buy for it becomes even trickier to decide what to get and who needs what, and we find ourselves Lynxing up their Christmas stocking year in year out. So, here I am to give you some ~inspiration~. 

The Beauty

Men’s Society is a great company to consider buying from for any Christmas gifts this year, they were kind enough to send me out a beard grooming kit, which I’ve decided to pass on to Pedro, since he grows out his beard a lot, but they’re not just limited to beard kits and whatnot, they sell all sorts of kits for all sorts of people and their interests. Every parcel is shipped via Amazon too, so you’re definitely secure.

An aftershave goes a long way, and we all love it when a man smells great so why not treat your boyfriend or whoever you have in your life to a Chanel aftershave this Christmas? I’m definitely a Chanel girl as I am obsessed with the bloom perfume, and this smells great. It’s also not even that expensive, in my opinion £66 for the 50ml isn’t that bad and it can be a main present or a bit on the side if you have a higher budget.

Skincare is important whether you’re a man or a woman, and honestly most men would be really grateful for a skincare gift set, us women do feel great after doing our skincare routine and it doesn’t exempt men from feeling the same way about theirs. I really like the look of this gift set and it’s not trying too hard to be so manly which everybody can appreciate.


If you’re dealing with a music lover, you can get one of these bad boys for as cheap as £50 – which is pretty good for a record player!

Honestly, this is something even I would rather have to a standard purse. Card holders are practical, easy and most importantly: a pretty good gift.


Honestly, a gift like this goes a long way, especially if we get snow like storm Emma again this Winter. But also, it’s stylish as well as practical; I also can see a lot of girlfriends nicking this beanie because it’s ~on trend~ with the rustic colour.

If your man is fancy (or you just wanna splurge), some Calvin Klein socks could be a nice touch to your gift giving. These are a bit pricey, but since it’s Christmas and they’re guaranteed to be good quality and last a long time, why not splurge?

aaaand if your man is less fancy or you just like quirkiness, Happy Socks are a nice (and cheaper) alternative, they’re even packaged in a Christmas cracker which is adorable. 

I’d also really like a personalised bath robe, and I can honestly see why people like these kind of things as a gift – I’d buy one for my boyfriend and probably have an inside joke or something printed onto it, a personal touch always makes a gift feel good.

I also think that gifts for Christmas don’t need to be big and fancy; they can be basic and fit the necessity pile (I always say that I’d be happy with new underwear, some plain tees and some earphones too), and honestly if I was just picking bits up for Christmas and not worrying about buying a “big” present, my boyfriend would definitely be getting a bag of necessities, things that will get a lot of use out of them, and things he needs.

Same principle just with a word slapped on it.

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