Gift shopping can be either fun or stressful depending on the type of person that you’re buying for. Well, this year I’ve decided to make it easy for all the guys (or gals) out there shopping for a picky girlfriend!

I’d say I’m easy to buy for, but many people around me would strongly disagree with that, so I’ve also decided (with thanks to an Instagram poll) to make this gift guide one where I share with you my favourite things from 2018 that wouldn’t mind being bought again – and what your girlfriend is also guaranteed to love!


SunJellies Retro Basket Bag

This is perfect for year long use and if the lady in your life loves a vintage flare. This is an incredibly inexpensive bag, selling for only £8 (small) and £15 (large) – I love mine, I think it makes such a cute touch to your outfits and you can take it apart if you’re travelling with it, making it easy to fly with if you want to take it abroad.

Now or Never Earrings

I bought these because I found Now or Never through Instagram and I’ve become obsessed with their store. For us Brits, the earrings I’m showing are perfect for this time of the year when we start to see a lot of rain! This is a Spanish store though so don’t be too shocked when you see that everything is priced in euros, but the delivery time was great (considering I ordered mine when they were closed for a week whoops) – my Rainy Cloud earrings were €27 with a €3.00 delivery charge, this is definitely a nice main present or even a stocking filler, but you’re not limited to just earrings as they sell brooches, necklaces, pins and rings too.


Jo Malone Perfume

I’ve bought a lot of Jo Malone in the past, just not for me – actually, as gifts to my mum since it’s her favourite brand, but in the beginning of October I decided that it was time that I treated myself to something Jo Malone too, so I bought a Peony and Blush perfume. I’m obsessed. It’s definitely a perfume that smells fresh and lasts all day.

Gucci Bloom Perfume

If the Jo Malone perfume isn’t something that you think that the person receiving your gift is going to love that much, then my next suggestion is the Gucci Bloom perfume – I obviously like my floral scents, and this is one that I’ve been living for. I originally bought it online because I liked the way the bottle looked (risky), but it’s a perfume that I’ll continue to buy because I love the scent, and I feel like this is something that if someone bought me for a gift: I’d weep with joy.

Vivienne Westwood Perfume

This is one that I’ve been wearing religiously for about two or so years now, it’s been my main repurchase and a consistency in my beauty regime, it’s seriously affordable and smells delicious – I get so many compliments on this whenever I spritz it on. It’s a very feminine smell and lasts for a very long time, the bottle is really cute too and I’ve loved displaying it in my room.

A Pair Of Superga Trainers

If the lady in your life is someone who opts for comfort and loves a good pair of trainers, I can’t recommend Superga’s enough – I was gifted some by Footway earlier on in the year and I’ve worn them nearly every day since. They’re my most comfortable, most versatile trainers – honestly, they go with everything.

A Fun Raincoat

I have two raincoats that I absolutely adore, both from ASOS. One is a bright pink, plastic transparent rain coat, it’s really cool but you are quite limited in what you can wear with it, but I’ve worn it out a lot and styled it with mostly plain outfits so that it gives a bit of fun to my look. I also have a blue thicker one, also from ASOS. This one is a lot more versatile and matches more outfits which is why I decided to buy it, I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it. The pink one was cheaper, I bought it for around £20, but the blue one was a bit pricier at £55.

Some Baked by Lou Goodies!

Back in October I bought myself a pair of one of a kind earrings by Baked by Lou – I fell for them and they’re a favourite that I pick out a lot, but the store doesn’t stop at earrings, if your girl loves ceramics then go ahead and buy her some fun dishes, trinket bowels and more! I always style my earrings with something bright and usually something mustard to match the beautiful navy blue colour the earrings are painted in – everything you buy is one of a kind and no two creations look the same which is so cool and personal!


Vagina: The New Biography Book by Naomi Wolf

I came across this book because I had seen extracts of it on another bloggers Instagram stories; the quotes alone caught my interest but when I looked the book up, it seemed to fall right into what has caught my interest as of late: Sex, female pleasure and the vagina. This is a very well written book, it’s laugh out loud funny, heartbreaking and down to earth. Naomi Wolf can tend to be a bit pushy in parts but she’s gripping and interesting, when she recalls events in her life such as realising that she wasn’t enjoying sex anymore and instead of wallowing on it, getting up and doing something proactive about it and seeing a doctor, you feel a sense of liberation, a need to be more self assured and shameless. I’m intending on doing a full review on this book as soon as I’m done with it, but this would definitely make a great gift.

The Art Of The Scarf

This is definitely a coffee table book, it just looks good. But it’s also handy if you have a lady in your life who is interested in vintage things and the whole vintage style, I bought this literally because I can’t follow people’s YouTube videos on how they wrap their scarves, but also because it explores more than just one look. The illustrations are really cute and like I said, it’s a good coffee table book.

3INA Eyeshadow

You’ll be reading more about 3INA in a few weeks time, but right now I’m telling you that this is a brand that you want to get behind if you’re a lover of good makeup that is worth your money – and if you’re looking to gift someone who loves makeup, then this is the brand for them too. Each product is different and unique to fit individual tastes without over stepping the mark and becoming tacky or falling flat and being underwhelming. Definitely gift one of their eyeshadows and you’ll have a very pleased gal.

Besame Cosmetics Lipstick: 1922 Blood Red

Another present that is bound to give someone a great big smile. The shade you’ve seen me wearing the most this year has been my Blood Red lipstick by Besame. This is my most worn lipstick ever. I haven’t worn it so much over the last few weeks, but all throughout 2018 it’s had a lot of wear and I’m not even halfway done with it yet, it’s the shade that matches all skin types beautifully and goes with every look. I love this lipstick, and so will your lady.

Stocking Fillers

Cath Kidston Bed Socks

When the Peter Pan range came out, I decided that I’d try buying some bed socks. They were one of the least expensive items in the range and I’ve also got very cold feet of a night time, making for an uncomfortable nights sleep. SO, buying these was more of a “We’ll see how it goes” kinda deal, and they’ve become one of my favourite things of 2018 – on the colder nights like there has been for the past few weeks, these have been perfect, even though the Peter Pan range is now out of stock, there’s a lot of bed socks being sold at Cath Kidston that you’re guaranteed to make someone happy with!

A Fun Beret

As a stocking filler a beret may be the perfect option – they’ve been in since forever and they’re the perfect Autumn/Winter staple too. You can get them from pretty much everywhere and they’re really inexpensive.








NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner

I’ve said it several times and I’ll continue to say it: I’m a massive plain jane when it comes to my makeup, I rarely wear eyeliner and I like my basics, but when I popped into boots on one afternoon I couldn’t seem to stay away from the NYX counter. I ended up buying a Vivid Brights eyeliner in yellow and I love it. It’s definitely not something that I wear on a regular basis, but for those days where I’m feeling like I want a pop of colour, this is what I lean towards.

Ciate Glitter Flip

I did write a review on this earlier on in the month, and my favourite shade and most appropriate for Christmas I feel, is Scandal. It’s got a nice red tone to it and the glitter is a nice subtle touch, if you have a make up fan who also loves glitter then this is the most ideal gift for her, it’s not cheap as it does retail for £17 – but it’s so worth the cost.

DewyTree Face Mask

If skincare is a priority for the lady you’re buying a gift for, then you can definitely get away with making a skincare hamper or a box full of essentials – something you can include inside this hamper is a DewTree face mask or two.  They’re totally inexpensive as they only cost £4.99 and they’re so good. Your face feels totally cleansed after wearing one and they smell incredible.


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