Over the back end of October you saw me trying and testing out the Ciate Glitter Flip range, it featured a lot on my Instagram page for a few days and I’ve even decided to give two shades away over on my Instagram in a beauty based giveaway that I will be hosting in December. But, before I choose a lucky winner and before I announce said winner, I’d like to provide you with a review!

In each caption I sort of reviewed the shade I was wearing, but I was saving a big opinion fest for this post. I think that the idea of Glitter Flip is quite fun, especially considering there has been a bit of a glitter craze over the past 12 months, we like to glitter and shine in our makeup nowadays, and why not let our lips glitter too?



My Favourite Shades

My favourite shades are definitely the ones that you’d probably expect me to like the most by now, a lot of red and pink tones were the ones I leaned towards instantly, but I ended up coming out liking a few shades that I thought I’d like the least, the most!


  • Scandal is a nice red shade, it’s easy to apply and can be done in one coat. It’s my red too, it matches my skin really nicely and is easy to match with any outfit. The glitter is a bit more subtle on this one and doesn’t pop as much as I expected it to, but I actually prefer it that way.


  • x is a black shade, I didn’t think I suited it but I still really liked it never the less, again, the glitter didn’t pop as much as I thought it would but it still looks really nice and went down well for my Halloween video, it’s another shade that didn’t take any more than one dip into the tube and it applied really easily, it also didn’t take long at all to dry.

Bright pink

  • This is a holographic shade and I had total barbie vibes when I put it on, but I was impressed. It’s also the most glittery out of the three shades I liked the most, I was very impressed by this shade for it’s glitter. This took, again, only one dip into the tube and applied really easily, it does take a bit longer to dry for some reason, and I’ve worn it a few times and every time it seems to be tacky for a bit longer than the rest, but this might be because of the holographic formula.


Are these good value for money?

I was sent seventeen shades to try, and I definitely feel like the entire range has a few inconsistencies here and there, some shades glitter more than others and some require quite a few dips into the tube before your lips are evenly painted, but for £17 each I actually think that these are good value for money. All of the holographic shades are a delight to apply, and all of the original Glitter Flip shades don’t take long to dry and pop.

I also think that if you have a makeup lover in your life who also loves glitter, a few of these would make a really nice stocking filler or Christmas present!

How well do they apply?

I would actually say that these apply well, but the darker colours and crazy colours do take a few more pumps before they actually coat your lips well. The reds and pinks and even the black shades are the easiest and most fun to apply, I noticed that I only needed one coat of all of the red shades and it was more than enough.

Overall, I think that these Glitter Flip lipsticks are a fun twist to your conventional liquid lip, I also think that if you want a nice change in your makeup routine that isn’t too wild, this is the brand and range to reach out for.



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