Ever since I laid my hands on my first Samsung Galaxy, I’ve been very into personalising my phones with fun cases. I think that showcasing your personality in the little ways is always fun, especially if you’re a student wearing a uniform or if your workplace requires a strict uniform and you can’t express yourself through your clothes. It’s just a nice touch.  

Anyway, I’ve been pretty intent on getting my own personality out there more this year, everything seems to have had a makeover, from my blog to my wardrobe and even my gadgets! Keeping things personal is important to me, I like to have that flare of the real Georgia floating around, I like to be a bit in your face, from time to time, and I think that it’s nice when you can see bits and pieces of a person through the small, simple things – like having a personalised phone case!

CaseApp has been my go-to over the past few weeks, because it’s such an easy and convenient website to use – you can make your own cases and mac covers, or you can buy a pre-made one to save yourself some time. I opted to personalise myself a case for my iPhone 8 and a cover for my Macbook.

The services that Caseapp has to offer were amazingly quick. I was sent my cases within a few days and I could get to personalising my gadgets right away! My macbook has a nice cover on which has a photo that I took of Harriet back in August, of course stapling it with some text that reads Georgia’s Macbook, because why not? The image is high quality too, because sometimes I find that when you personalise yourself some goodies the image quality gets warped and distorted, especially when the image is being blown up, but in this case you can see that the photo is high quality, Harriet actually looks like herself and she’s clear, the text looks good on top of the image and it’s not too clear nor is it full of pixels around each letter, it looks really good and I feel like my mac has a nice touch of me on it!

Overall it took me about fifteen minutes to put the mac cover together using the tools on the Caseapp website, it was a really easy process with everything being really clear on the screen for you to just click and drag and select what you want, my only criticism really is that I felt like the graphics tab would have benefitted from a more customisable feature, I’d have liked to have changed the colours on a few of the stickers to make them match what I was going for a bit more, so I ended up not using any for that reason, I also felt like the option to insert your own graphics would’ve made a nice touch too.


Treat Yourself Too!


As for the case, I didn’t go as personal, mostly because I do prefer a wallet case, just because I like my screen to be protected by the flap, and CaseApp doesn’t offer those types of cases, just hardback ones, so I decided that I’d print a nice photo of some flowers on it and put my name below the camera, I’ll use this case whenever I’m away, or if I just feel like having a change for a day; but it’s so nice. The image quality on the website said it wasn’t good enough, but looking at the case in person it looks perfectly fine, and it even came in a little CaseApp baggy to keep it protected! I really liked that touch, and it’s keeping it nice and clean too.

The case itself is very light, when I changed my cases over I was surprised by the weight of my phone being considerably less, it felt nicer to hold in my hand and fit a bit more snug, but this did then make me worry about how durable the case actually is; can it protect my phone as much as I would like it to?


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