At some point last year I began to appreciate makeup more than ever, I began searching for more cruelty free brands to try and test (most of which have been fabulous), but what I began to love most of all was a good lipstick. If you follow me on Instagram then you know how much I love a good red lip, and how rare it is for me to step away from a red lip nowadays, so when Odylique sent me two of their organic lipsticks in two contrasting red shades, I was very excited.

I’m not going to lie though, when I swatched them I was a bit like “Oh okay these are sheer.” I didn’t try them again until I had one of those days where applying a red lip seemed like effort, so I figured I’d use one of the Odylique lipsticks that I was sent, and oh boy. I shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss these as sheer to be honest, when I was applying it to my lip it did take some building but the final look was really nice. It was the Raspberry Coulis shade, and it lives up to the name, it isn’t forcing itself to be red red and against my pale skin it really stands out and looks beautiful, as you can see in the photos, I began to use Raspberry Coulis more often in my make up routine after that first real impression though, my lips felt moisturised and it was minimal effort to apply it with the raspberry colouring looking fabulous. I’ve fallen for this shade, no doubt.


But, Georgia, who are Odylique?

Odylique is a cosmetics brand that launched in 2003 because the founder, Margaret, felt like conventional cosmetics didn’t suit her allergy prone skin, which inspired her to create formulations that were organic, using herbs, plant oils and natural ingredients – she’s been doing this for over 30 years as well which is majorly impressive.

Odylique is a family run company, and it’s not just limited to lipsticks mind you, there’s products for everybody for every need, from baby essentials to soaps and hair treatments. It’s all affordable too, and it’s so worth checking out.


What are the costs?

Cherry Tart: £18

Raspberry Coulis: £18


But, you can get 15% off your first purchase using my code: GEORGIA15 which is valid until November 15th 2018.

Definitely send me photos of you wearing your new Odylique lipstick!

What about Cherry Tart?

After becoming slightly infatuated with Raspberry Coulis I did neglect the second shade they sent me, but one day as I reached for the Raspberry Coulis shade I suddenly thought, “Why haven’t I tried the other one yet?” and so I applied Cherry Tart to my lips with a reaction that was shocked, more than anything.

This is a more plummy shade, and it definitely required more building than Raspberry Coulis did, but the final result was stunning regardless, it’s a very Autumnal shade (fitting for this time of the year), and I can see why they’d name it Cherry Tart, it’s dark and yummy looking. I did notice though when I was looking back at my photographs that the shades are quite similar, and I also felt the same way when they’re in the packaging, it’s obvious they’re different but they do look to be quite similar.

Would I go out and buy more from Odylique?

Yes. I’m interested in their hair care products more than anything and I think I’ll make a purchase in the near future because my scalp gets very itchy and irritated, and upon reading about the founder creating this company and searching for formulas because of her own allergy prone skin, it’s raised a few light bulbs in my brain, I’m curious to see how my scalp would do with their treatments.

*Thank you to Odylique for sending me out these lipsticks to try and review!


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