Candles are the ultimate way to get cosy, but also can be the best way to set the mood for other things. Halloween is the perfect time of year to experiment with smells and even candle holders to get the atmosphere really going. I’ve been out on the hunt for the perfect Halloween themed candles for the month of October, and for all of those Halloween parties and get-togethers that you’re bound to be having this year. 

Why Are Candles Good For Halloween?

Whenever we watch horror movies or anything with a dark atmosphere, have you noticed candles are there to set the mood? Obviously it’s also seen as romantic, but a few mysteriously lit candles here and there are a common theme amongst horror.

There’s that reason, and also the fact that most Halloween themed candles have interesting to look at holders and jars. I think that you can find some interesting scents with equally as interesting jars, and if you’re looking to do a Halloween party on a budget then this is probably the way to go as well. I’ve actually never done Halloween decorations or really celebrated the holiday, I tend to always take a miss but this year I’ve found myself looking forward to it, and looking forward to my families first ever Halloween party later this month. So, I’ve taken the time to buy themed candles and even compile a list for you of the candles that I think you’re going to love this Halloween.

Some Halloween Scents

I have The Macabre Peppered Teabag pictured but unfortunately I couldn’t find it on their official website, so I’ve actually linked their entire fall collection. I was lucky enough to find my candle in my local TK Maxx though, and if they all smell as good as this one does then you’re in for a treat. I’d had it burning for not too long before I began to notice the scent, it’s definitely worth the money in my opinion. Definitely pop into your local TK Maxx if you’re that keen on getting one of these because they just might have them, and if not, TK Maxx is full of Halloween goodies right now that might peak your interest!

Etsy is the perfect place for anything niche that you’re looking for because it’s most likely going to be the case that a seller on there has already thought of whatever you’re looking for. Even though this candle isn’t very decorative, this could be the perfect scent to bathe with or even to just light of a night time whilst you’re watching your favourite Netflix series.

Amazon is probably the last place you’d go looking for candles but they sell ’em. I particularly like the look of this one, I can see it being lit on a table where a buffet is being served to match all of the Halloween sweeties and goodies. Most of the reviews do say that the scent on this one isn’t that strong, hence why I’m suggesting it for aesthetic purposes, but I have had Woodwick candles in the past and it seems to be a common theme throughout the brand.


Yankee Candles

This year, the team over at Yankee Candle were kind enough to send me one of their new candles and the timing couldn’t have been better. Although this candle isn’t strictly Halloween themed, it’s definitely still perfect for this time of the year and I still think that you can light these if you’re doing a Halloween themed get-together.

This new collection is the stunning Elevation Collection, it’s been designed with a sleek platform lid, so the candle is more elegant looking, and definitely not an eye sore. The candle has a square glass silhouette and a platform lid that doubles as a candle platform, this new collection has 12 every day fragrances and even has four Christmas sets for those of you taking a miss on Halloween and eyeing up Christmas instead.

I was sent a Citrus Grove scent, and oh-my-god. It’s amazing. The aroma beautifully fills up the room and I honestly think it’s a really versatile scent. You could light this during any time of the year for any occasion, it’s incredible.



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