Boy oh boy, weddings. Some love ’em, some hate ’em. I’m a mix. I rarely get the chance to go to weddings, so I can’t say that I’m overly keen or completely averse to them, but I do hate finding an outfit to wear to them. I was recently lucky enough to get to attend a relatives beautiful ceremony, so I’ve had my head in the: What do I wear? game for a couple of months now. It’s been hard, but I eventually settled on something to wear.

I had toyed with the idea of a casual suit, some peg legged trousers with a matching blazer, I then decided that maybe a pretty dress would be better, since I already had decided on my hair and makeup, but with a dress there are many things to consider: Is it too bridal? Do I look like part of the wedding party? Too short so I can’t wear my trusty anti-chub rub shorts underneath, too long so that I have to wear heels, which I’d rather not do?

So eventually I opted against a dress, I’d bought one and tried it on, absolutely hated it and just decided nah. Instead I went for a blouse and a maxi skirt, it was simple yet cute, I could accessorise accordingly and be comfortable all day.

It’s a stressful time – so I dread to think how planning the wedding itself must feel! Wedding season isn’t yet over either, we still have the rest of September to get through so I’m certain that there must be a whole group of you still sitting on the: What do I wear? podium. Well here’s some tips, and here’s what wore!

Considering a colour scheme

When I was considering a suit, I’d decided on a pastel pink colour scheme with a white blouse or cami underneath the trousers. The pink would be the focus of the look and I’d have done my makeup around this colour scheme too. I definitely have a tendency to be over organised so I’d made a few pastel pink mood boards on Pinterest to really get myself into the groove. I’d actually settled on this look for a while, until I decided that it just wasn’t cutting it. But this is a look in my opinion, and definitely one to consider.

Eventually, with the change of heart towards the outfit, there was also a change of heart towards the colour scheme too, so I repeated the cycle until I’d definitely settled. I do think a colour scheme in an outfit really makes you look put together, it makes such a huge difference to how your outfit looks, and if you go for a part-outfit, so you’re wearing trousers, blazers etc, it’s the best thing to do, it’s also a little hack that I like to use to make it look like I put a lot of thought into my everyday outfits when in actual fact, I didn’t.

Considering comfort

Comfort no matter what the event you’re attending may be, is essential. Weddings last all day so if you’re going to both the ceremony and after party, and it’s not necessary for you to change your outfit, then you really want to opt for something that’s comfortable and you’re not going to get sick of by 6pm. I definitely recommend Asos’ selection of peg leg trousers if that’s the look you’ve decided to go for, the cotton and relaxed fit are perfect for all day events, I own a pair and wear them all of the time.

However, if you’re going to wear a dress then there’s a lot more to consider. If you go for a tight, fitting dress, then consider bloating. Let’s be honest, we bloat throughout the day and after lunch time and tea time, our bellies pop out to say hello. If this is something that bothers you, then go for a dress that has a little bit of space in it, this is just so that when your belly gets a little bit full, you feel comfortable – cause nobody really cares about your bloating, but if it’s bothering you and making you uncomfortable, that’s what matters. I’d also say that maxi dresses are a good option too, if it’s covering your feet enough, by the evening, swapping into a pair of low rise trainers or even, taking your shoes off completely, goes unnoticed. But like I said above, I don’t really wear heels (can’t walk in them), so a maxi dress for me wasn’t an option, otherwise I’d have spent the first few hours of the ceremony walking like a penguin taking 2mm steps.

However, a maxi skirt was fine – mostly because I’d bought a midi skirt which fit like a maxi. Wearing a blouse with it also meant I was well within my comfort zone anyway, since I tend to favour more form fitting clothes.







Considering the Bride

AVOID WHITE. It’s practically a fashion-sin to wear white to a wedding – especially a white dress. Do not do this. Consider the bride, it’s her special day, and if she’s the one walking down the aisle in her beautiful white dress, then by all means be considerate. White accessories and a white shirt aren’t going to cause side eyes and controversy, so don’t feel put off going down that route, but if you’re wearing a dress, consider what length, fit and design is on the dress.

A loose fitting midi-dress with a pretty floral pattern, or a plain solid colour that isn’t white normally go down well, they look beautiful without causing an angry bride, you can wear them comfortably all day (anti-chub rub shorts underneath coming to save the day), and you can get away with flat shoes. To me, it’s the perfect medium to anyone wanting to wear a dress, and wear one comfortably.

The Hair & Makeup

I went for a very boho look with my hair and makeup, I wanted something very minimal on my face but a hot mess on my head. I loved it. The braids for me are what completed the look, I was obsessed and kept looking at it every chance I got.

My hair was inspired by boho trends and foresty looks, I’d spent a few hours going through pinterest for inspo and found myself very drawn to braids. My stylist did a terrific job and I’m now obsessed with the braids at the side of an updo look and will definitely be attempting to recreate those braids myself into a curly ponytail.

I did my own makeup, using my favourite Too Faced products. I was disappointed that the sun literally didn’t touch me when I was in Portugal despite the fact we were out everyday and I was in dresses and shorts, so I decided to just bronze myself up as much as possible using the Sweet Peach palette.

My favourite looks tend to be very brown and coppery, so I stuck with what I know and applied brown eyeshadow on my eyes. This year I’ve gone off eyeliner (I haven’t worn it in months), I just feel like it dominates a look and for me it’s too harsh looking, I prefer softer eyes and I like to let my eyelashes do the talking instead.


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