When the autumn season starts (or rather, when September begins and we ditch our neon colours), we tend to go into the realm of warm tones – oranges, reds, browns and we ditch pinks and neon colours for another 6 months. But here’s the thing: Why? I personally love the colour pink all year around, and I don’t really follow rules about colour schemes and whatnot during the colder months, which is exactly what Elegant Touch* are doing with their latest A/W collection: Pink Paradise.

Falsies tend to be quite tricky, I’ve worn my fair share of them over the years and I’ve always had the same issues: Peeling off, weird sizing and just looking fake. I’ve obviously tried Elegant Touch before and I was impressed back then by how long these stay on for and how you can’t really tell that they’re glued on. This is definitely a consistency with the brand that I’ve come to enjoy, removing these nails takes some time – they literally do not budge: Which is exactly what you want.

I was a bit disappointed that these nails didn’t come a day earlier, I feel like Boss Babe are perfect wedding nails and they would’ve looked really glam with the embellishments and pale colour.

But my favourite out of the collection has to be the hot pink Power Pout. I’m not usually a hot pink kinda girl, especially with my nails, but I just think that these look so cool, so fierce and the coffin shape is how I usually like the shape of my nails anyway, it was a match made in heaven.

I’ve actually tried nails very similar to Girl Gang before, but they were under the name Beachin Baby on the last collection that Elegant Touch released. The difference is that this pink is slightly warmer and the gems are applied differently, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re very pretty and suitable for any environment – nobody is going to feel like you’re taking the cake a bit with these on.

My favourite thing about these nails though, and any false nails really, is that when you get bored of them, as tough as they are to remove, it’s easier than going to the nail salon to get them removed and you can switch them up so easily. There’s also 24 nails in each box so there’s a lot of wear in these if the first set you had on get ruined or broken. There’s a lot more longevity and you’re not trapped in them.

I definitely feel like the price of Elegant Touch nails are always really good just because the quality, longevity and designs are so perfect, but as I’m writing these the collection isn’t actually live on the website yet so keep a keen eye out if you’re looking to get some!


How to Apply:

  • Choose your favourite set of nails out of the collection (Power Pout are what are pictured)
  • Measure the nails to your fingers and decide which sizes fit best
  • Using the glue provided apply a thin layer to the back of the nails
  • Press them on to your real nails
  • Wait for them to dry
  • Voila!

Is there a “time” to wear them?

You can definitely wear these nails as dressier accessories, with the most eventful seasons coming up these can be worn for Halloween parties, Christmas parties and NYE – they’re so easy to apply and wear and they last so long that you could definitely get a little drunk with these glued onto your fingers.

For the most part though, these nails are also perfect for everyday use and they’re completely appropriate for the office as well. Overall, I definitely think this collection is incredible and definitely worth looking at! Elegant Touch are always consistent with each collection,






*Thanks to Elegant Touch for sending me the Pink Paradise collection!


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