Back in June when I was writing up my monthly newsletter, I had a bit of a *ding* moment when it hit  me – I wasn’t enjoying it. I like monthly features and having somewhat of a consistency so I took to Instagram to see what other people thought about a monthly favourites, and here we are! In replacement of my newsletter (RIP) – welcome to my first monthly favourites in this new ~series~.

This month I spent a lot of time in Portugal, so this monthly favourites will definitely be Portugal heavy. But, there’s a lot to do, see and buy over there and it is my favourite place.

The Fashion

When I was in Portugal, and in fact, whenever I am in Portugal, I can’t resist going in the shops that we don’t have here in the UK – or if we do, they’re only in specific cities that I can’t regularly get to.

This time, I asked Pedro if we could visit a shop that I’d wanted to visit during my previous visits but never got around to it: Stradivarius.

It’s definitely my kind of fashion in there and I loved the neutral colour scheme throughout the store. I ended up buying a full outfit (A skort, a t-shirt and some earrings), and I was really happy with the quality of the clothes in there. I could’ve bought more but it isn’t exactly a cheap store, and a girls gotta budget.

I’ve also been loving hair accessories this month too, headbands and the like have been my go to, and I’m actually going to be growing out my fringe so I feel like I’ll definitely be relying on them on those bad-hair days.

The t-shirt pictured is also from Stradivarius and it’s very on-trend, lately I’ve been seeing a lot of t-shirts pop up on the gram with a similar art style drawn onto it, only Stradivarius upped it a notch and added jewels around it, which is actually why I was even drawn to it to begin with. It also seemed like another trend in the store too because it seemed like most things had jewels sewn on.

The Music

This month I have been very much so obsessed with the new album No Rain, No Flowers by Sabrina Claudio. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I first heard Orions Belt late last year, one of the singles from her album Confidently Lost that released in March 2017. But this year she has released a beautiful piece of work with No Rain, No Flowers – the opening song Come Here starts off with dreamy harmonies which erupt into a chill R&B beat as she starts singing.

I honestly can’t push this album enough, I genuinely love the seductive instrumentals that fill this album, and Sabrina has a very relaxing voice that you can listen to whether you’re getting ready for a date night with your S/O, or whether you’re about to get in bed. There’s honestly no set timing for you to enjoy this record, it’s good for any time.

The Food

This month I ate a lot of food and tried a lot of new snacks. I was won over in a little café in Lisbon that actually comes from Paris called Ladurèe Paris. Inside we ate macaroons that were to die for – and I had a really tasty Ispahan that had raspberries and rose petal creme with a macaron base. It was so good. Pedro enjoyed his so much that he also ordered us some little macaroons to enjoy, mine was marshmallow flavoured whereas his was caramel. I preferred mine and he preferred his when we tried each others. I could’ve eaten more but this place was a bit expensive.

The Fun

My few weeks in Portugal was definitely jam packed with days-out and sight seeing, we’ve been to Sintra a few times, had fun days in Central Lisbon and even visited the most west point in continental Europe (twice but the first time was on an extremely foggy night and we couldn’t see a thing).

But out of all of the days out that we went on, and out of all the mall days that we spent out on, my favourite day of all was when we visited the city surrounded by a castle, Óbidos.

I’ve spoken about it a lot on my Instagram, but the entire city definitely felt very medieval, the first thing we did when we got inside was go straight to a bar and have a drink, we sat there for a while letting the breeze coming from a nearby window cool us off, and then we decided to go and walk around and explore the city.

It was lovely, there were loads of places to sit down and have a beverage (non-alcoholic too), and lots of street performances to stand and watch. You’re even allowed to walk around the wall surrounding the city but it was real hot and I was basically dying from the heat so we decided to take a miss on that one.

But if you’re ever in Portugal that is somewhere that I highly recommend to you for a day out, and you can really spend an entire day there, but if you don’t have a car, and even if you do, it does take a while to get there from Lisbon (a couple of hours).


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