I’ve been expressing across my social media for the past few days that this is the time of the year that I dread: The start of fall. Even though we’re not actually in the Autumn season, its clear as day that Summer is behind us when you go out shopping, scroll down social media and even watch TV. This is the time of year where I start to feel more mellow, less satisfied with my surroundings and the urge to change something starts. I can’t help how I feel though, it’s simply just the way that I am, so as a solution I’ve decided to look after myself more, pamper myself if you will.

I believe that comfort is key, that if I’m feeling mellow or low or whatever you want to call it, I may as well be comfortable and fresh. I may as well have my favourite movie or tv show on (b99 fans where u at?), and I may as well be happily typing away at a blog post instead. But I want to do it comfortably. I want to do it feeling good mentally and physically. 



Nothing in this world makes me feel worse about myself than when my skin begins to break out, which is a common occurrence, my skin breaks out like the wind (amazingly whenever I go abroad it clears up splendidly), over the Summer I’ve been hyping up serums and even questioned if I think they’re worth all the hype, but out of all of the serums I’ve tested and trialled, my favourite is the Skin Kissed serum. To me, it has the best consistency and I’ve continued to use it for months.

I’ve also been wearing a lot of makeup throughout the past few months, and my favourite thing to do after I’ve finished removing it, is to tone my face with the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Purifying Toner. It works wonderfully to make me feel fresh again after a full day of having makeup sitting on top of my skin. We all know that story that went viral too, about that woman who didn’t remove her makeup properly and had years worth of mascara sitting underneath her eyelids, that motivated me to get better at getting my makeup off my face which inspired this purchase.

But a fresh face makes me feel amazing, I love being able to lie down and press my face against a pillow without the “I HAVE MAKEUP ON,” shock or without having to position my head so that my face isn’t touching the cotton on my pillow. I love being able to press my face against my hand in a bored motion when I’m concentrating, which makeup doesn’t allow me to do, and as much as I love staring at my glowing highlighted cheek bones, I also love rubbing my eyes and the areas surrounding them. So, taking priority in my skincare and how I remove my makeup makes me feel a million percent, even with a big whopper of a zit sitting on my face.

Feeling Fresh


Smelling great is the most valuable part of feeling fresh to me, and if you know me well then you know that my favourite scent of all is by Vivienne Westwood, I’ve worn this perfume for over a year now and it is my favourite. I love it so much and I wear it every single day, but smelling great to me is a priority in my morning routine and I like to carry mini-spritz’s around in my handbags as well so I can top up on my scents.

My teeth also play a valuable part in how I feel fresh, and I kid you not when I say I’ve had nightmares about going to the dentist before getting the chance to brush my teeth. Lately I’ve been using the Billion Dollar Smile* charcoal tooth polish. This is a toothpaste that has the intention of whitening your teeth naturally, it contains coconut oil and pineapple enzymes. You can find this in your local Superdrug store as well, so there’s no impatiently waiting for it to arrive in the post. Do I love it? Yes. It smells fresh and makes my teeth feel clean all while making them whiter! Mia also went on a little “I need whiter teeth,” craze last year so when I showed her this toothpaste she got very excited about it!

The Sounds

Without actually indulging into songs and music, I think that sounds are an important part of getting me to relax and feel good. I’m pretty generic in the sense that I like the sound of rain, and there are actually Spotify playlists dedicated to this, so on those hard to fall asleep nights or on those moody filled days, this is my way of calming down and taking a breather.

I feel like taking my mental health, physical health and happiness seriously will have a positive effect on the rest of my year, and what follows. I tend to forget to make the extra effort to make myself feel good, so I’m hoping to carry on with routine and remind myself that I can make a good, valuable effort.


*Thanks to Billion Dollar Smile for sending me their new toothpaste!


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