I hate to admit it, and I hate that I have to say it, but Summer is over. Starbucks are selling their famous PSL, my local Hobby Craft has all the Halloween goodies up and the weather has been a bit shocking. I’m gutted. BUT what I’m not sad about is the fact that at least now I get to dress up a bit more comfortably and wear dark colours with an excuse, because as much as I’m anti-fall/winter, I’m actually not that upset about the clothes I now get to wear (even though every outfit needs a jacket UGH).

This is usually the time of the year when we get to see comfort overlap style, even though I loved the Summer and I actually wore outfits that I was obsessed with for the majority of it, going out on dates with my partner and going out on hen-dos all required me to dress in thin layers and with…heels. Yack.

Even though I’m definitely not looking forward to the impending snow that we’ll definitely get as we do every year, I’m excited about getting my chelsea boots back out and I’m excited about scarves and hats, and I’m excited to try new fashion that I haven’t had the chance to get on my body yet. Us shorties all face the same problems when it comes to fall transitioning too, especially those of us who like to switch up our styles very often: It’s hard to dress to your body type when being short is so expensive. So, this time I’ve bared in mind the cost of the garments and accessories that I’m showing you, I’ve gone cheap and cheerful, without cheap being tacky and short-lasting.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses aren’t limited to seasons, because there’s so many types of maxi dresses. Yes, you get the Summery ones (that probably needed adjusting because the straps were cotton…) but you can find a maxi dress perfect for the Fall and for the Winter too.

Boohoo has an amazing selection of maxi dresses to choose from, and they were kind enough to send me one over! I decided to go a bit more bikery with my dress, since the Fall is the time of year where I do tend to go a bit more alternative with my style and I definitely reach for my trusty leather jackets and band hoodies more often.

Boohoo are really good with their transitional seasonal wear though, and this cotton maxi that I have is the perfect inbetweener, it’s cotton so it’s warm on a chilly day and it has a tank-torso so on the warmer days I can pull it off with a light jacket.

My Maxi Tips

  • Choose fall colours (navy, burgundy etc) for that transitional look.
  • Pair it with a light biker jacket or a long form fitting trench coat.
  • Accessorise accordingly – layered necklaces and bracelets are a must!
  • Wrap a belt around your dress to frame your figure, and add some sass.
  • If you can get away with biker boots for a cutting edge look, go for it!

My Favourite Boohoo Maxi’s


Warm Sweaters

For the days where the weather is cold and rainy we all love to wrap up in our favourite wooly jumper. My favourite jumper ever is from Stardivarius and I actually bought it in August when I was in Lisbon. It’s my favourite store over there because it’s so me. This jumper is perfect though because it’s a bit oversized making it comfortable, but not too big where it overtakes my body making me appear short and frumpy.

I’ve worn it with a few different things, leggings, jeans and my favourite ASOS peg leg trousers that I always bang on about. It’s a very versatile jumper and I love the colour. I always say that red isn’t my colour but I feel like I do manage to pull this jumper off, and if I can, then anyone can!

The Warmest Sweaters

How To Style Your Jumpers

  • A light tuck into your trousers at the front can give your look a bougie appearance!
  • Faux fur coats look amazing on top of a knit, the bigger the better.
  • You can’t go wrong with a backpack as your bag of choice with a big knit.
  • Accessorise minimally, a gold chain necklace may be enough!


Every year tartan comes back in – to be honest I’m glad it does. I remember when I was 16 and I bought a beautiful tartan dress from Primark, I wore it for new years and a couple times after, but I never truly appreciated how good tartan looks and how versatile it is to style.

 Keeping it on theme, I recently bought some tartan pants out of Primark and I am obsessed. It’s breaking my comfort zone a little bit because I’m a lover of leggings and loose pants – in the shade: black. But I love these, I’ve worn them a lot since I bought them (and you can’t really complain for a tenner).

My Favourite Tartan Trousers

How To Style Them

  • Wear a stylish white blouse and tuck it into the trousers loosely, this will give you a smart-casual edge.
  • Wear an interesting t-shirt – mine is from Stradivarius! This will make the outfit stand out even more, patterns on top of patterns don’t work out for me very well, but this certainly does!
  • Some flat loafers or brogues would give these pants a more formal appearance, even making them work friendly.

*Thanks to for sending me out a maxi! 

*All links besides the Boohoo Maxi Dress links are affiliate


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