Okay, let’s be honest. I’ve been hyping up serums a lot over the course of the past 6 weeks or so. I’ve been out here pushing the agenda, telling you to go out and get one, but do I honestly think that the serum hype is something to buy into?

Well, yes. Had I not been introduced to facial serums I don’t think that I’d ever have understood the benefits of them properly and I don’t think that I’d have been so interested in trying out a variety of them. I wanted to find what suited my skin the best, what was really worth my money and should I really be telling you to go out and buy one?

I’ve been talking about my favourite skincare products, I’ve been showing you new brands and I’ve been getting really excited on Instagram about them. Not for any old reason, not because brands have been kind enough to send things out to me, but because I genuinely believe that facial serums are worth the cost, and worth the use.

Facial serums are designed to act as a lightweight moisturiser that penetrates deeper into your skin to deliver specific targeted results, using a facial serum regularly gives your skin a firmer and smoother texture, makes pores appear smaller and increases moisture levels. Facial serums are also intended for daily use (I use mine twice a day), I’ve used serums in all sorts of consistencies but they do tend to always be lighter than oils and creams. There are all sorts of serums designed to target certain things, such as hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles, dry skin, acne etc.

I’d say that the hype has come my way a lot more recently than it did for the rest of the world, a facial serum was never something that I thought to look out for, and having tried quite a few at this point, I really do think that they are the real deal. They’re more enjoyable to use than your typical facial moisturiser as well due to the texture being so light, and once it’s on your face it doesn’t take long for your face to feel dry again and certainly very fresh.

TrueVit Naturals*

TrueVit Naturals has a new serum out which they kindly sent to me to review in this article! This is 100% cruelty free and suitable for vegans, it contains Vitamin A and Hyaluronic Acid.

This is probably the biggest serum bottle I’ve ever used. It’s massive, and the pipette has a tail at the end of it probably to make aiming for specific parts of the face easier.

It smells very fresh but it’s also very potent unlike other serums I’ve used before which tend to smell fresh for so long before fading away. This is definitely my favourite bottle to use just because I like how chunky it is and how easy to use the pipette is.

The serum itself is a lot more watery than I expected in texture, I had to act quickly to rub it into my skin without it leaking down my face and onto my clothes but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the watery texture also means that a little goes a very long way.

When applied to the face, this serum feels smooth but it also has quite an oily texture too, I nearly dropped my phone when I picked it up after rubbing it into my face, so be careful and wash your hands before you do anything else.

My skin feels fabulous all day after I apply this, and I actually went to put make up on my face after applying this the first time, and didn’t bother with foundation because my skin was literally glowing. 

This is a serum I’d definitely recommend to anyone who suffers with dry skin, I get very dry around my nostrils and on my T section, after using this for about four days I noticed that the dryness had completely been tamed and that my makeup was even lasting longer.





So, after trying out a variety of serums over the past few months, after seeing the benefits that my skin has been seeing as well as how great I’ve been feeling, I’d definitely tell anybody to hop onto this band wagon and treat yourself to a serum – they’re so worth the money, and they last ages because like I said: A little goes a long way.

Definitely go out and buy one, and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think!


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