Ever since Harriet came into this world, I’ve felt an unconditional and irreplaceable love, my favourite thing to do is see her giggling away and happily playing, and if I give her a gift, I always measure if it has the “OOOH” factor (a noise she makes when she gets excited), so when Write From The Heart sent us some goodies for her, I couldn’t have been happier!

Harriet is a girl who rocks the colour pink – she looks so bright and cute in pink tones and it really shows off her skin tone nicely, so when I saw that she’d been given a beautiful pink dress with her name printed on, and a really cute t-shirt with her name embroidered on both mirrored and not, I couldn’t wait to put the clothes on her!

Harriet is super tiny for a one year old though, most clothes for her age group do tend to be a little bit oversized on her, but I actually really liked this fitting on the t-shirt, we put her in some leggings and made jokes about how all she needed now was a pair of Reebok trainers to be the perfect 90s baby! She seemed to be super comfortable in the clothes too, she was happily playing and walking around (yes! walking! she started recently) giggling her little face off – super satisfying to see.

As for the dress, it’s a really pretty fleece type dress, my favourite feature is the rolled up sleeves, I thought it looked absolutely adorable and since she’s still in the new to walking phase she did a lot of crawling around in her dress, and it definitely didn’t hinder her movements and again, she looked really comfortable in it. There was no pulling at the clothes or any fuss getting them on, she was really happy to be in them and had a lot of play time wearing both items!

My first impression of the clothes was how impressed I was in the quality of the printing and embroidering, we’ve all been to shops to get those “Newquay Lifeguard” jumpers at some point, and as time goes on (a week maybe), the quality seems to deteriorate and there isn’t a lot of longevity in the jumpers which are usually Fruit of The Loom branded.

With these items, the garment itself is incredibly high quality and seriously durable, the back of the dress has buttons to ensure a comfortable fit, and the t-shirt has a wonderful snug fit, the fabric feels really nice to touch and I’ve got to say, these garments are definitely worth the price.

If you’re not a parent, these would make the perfect gift for newborns, first birthdays or Christmases, and even as a starting school or nursery gift too. The delivery time is pretty quick and they’re packaged really well.

There are tons of options on the website to buy for the kids in your life, it’s not just limited to dresses and t-shirts, you can also buy dungarees, playsuits, pyjamas – and they even have hats and bags coming soon!

Personalised Fleece Dress £14.99

Personalised Silver Text Name T-Shirt £7.99

I also recommend that you check out Write From The Heart’s other personalised goodies, there’s lots of great gifts for all occasions!








*Thanks to Write From The Heart for sending us these beautiful garments for Harriet!


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