Hair removal is definitely a very prominent part of my beauty regime. I gave up on shaving a few months ago because I couldn’t deal with doing it daily anymore and I hated the regrowth and razor burning. So, I decided to try out waxing. 

I first tried out my legs and armpits – which is what I’m going to be talking about today. I decided it was worth just doing it, I wanted to take the plunge and see how it went, I get my eyebrows waxed and I rarely have to get them done anymore as a result, so I figured the same rule may apply to the rest of my body. If I didn’t like it, or if I found it too painful, I didn’t have to do it again, right?

Well, luckily for me, the day I chose to go someone else had cancelled their appointment so they allowed me to take that session instead, I was asked to remove my top and my leggings, luckily I was wearing a sports bra so I didn’t feel too exposed, especially for my first go. I’d actually let my hair grow for a few weeks so the hair was definitely long enough to be waxed, I’d been thinking about it a lot, I had it planned out.

The girl was so nice as well, she made conversation with me and asked about tattoos and why I’d decided to go in for waxing, I told her about how I couldn’t be bothered with it and hated getting razor burn, and she agreed with me and told me once she started waxing, she never looked back. I expected her to wax my legs in small strokes, but she went in for the kill and painted my leg in wax about three to four inches up my shin, and just went right in for it and ripped the hair out with a strip of fabric. Honestly, it stung, but it didn’t sting enough for me to want her to stop, and I definitely have experienced more uncomfortable sensations, like getting a tattoo. It took a short while for her to finish my legs actually, I’d say around 15 mins total, there’s a lot of waiting around for the wax to dry up enough and we had a few distractions (people knocking on the door, etc), so it took a lot longer for her to wax my legs than it probably normally would have.

Once my legs were done, she rubbed oil all over them and coated them in baby powder, they felt very good but looked very red. I was impressed though, I was hairless. So we moved onto my armpits. I had to hold my boob down so the skin stretched, and my sports bra allowed her to reach my skin with ease, she used a different wax for my armpits. She waited for it to totally dry, and lifted it off with her fingers a slight bit to determine if it was ready to be pulled off, and once it was she just ripped it off. It was painless. I didn’t feel a thing, and it took mere seconds for her to be done with it. On to the next one, same thing, same amount of time, same amount of pain: none. Once she was finished, she told me to take my time getting redressed and to meet her at the reception once I was ready, she left baby wipes and powders for me if I felt the need to use them, and left me to just get redressed.

The day after there was no redness at all and my skin felt silky smooth, I couldn’t stop touching my legs and I was recommending her to everyone. The regrowth process is amazing too. It took five weeks before I saw any hair at all come through, and once it did, there was no stubble, it just grew back really thin and fine. This motivated me to go and get waxed again, and honestly: I recommend it.

I definitely think this is something anyone can do, if you don’t like pain, don’t even worry about it, it’s not going to hurt, its just a light sting that lasts a second and that’s only on your shins, I didn’t feel anything on my thighs.

But if you prefer hair there’s no pressure to remove it. I just prefer not having hairy legs or armpits, it’s personal preference at the end of the day and nobody has to absolutely remove their body hair!



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