Being prepared for your period for some can be daunting, an absolute nightmare. Periods can be expensive, with sanitary towels and tampons not being cheap these days. There’s also the issue of you not feeling quite like your usual self, I tend to get what I call “Period Munchies” where I spend my week off my pill eating and eating and eating. Periods as a whole are a lot. 

However, our period woes and our purses can perk up a little bit, because I have the perfect answer to solve at least some of our concerns and agro. Eve’s Parcel is a premium subscription service designed to help out on our monthly. If you’re on the shy side or you’re worried about your male neighbour or your dad if you still live at home seeing what’s been delivered to you, then don’t worry because it’s sent out in discrete packaging on a date that you specify. It’s not just a box filled with tampons and sanitary towels either, it’s got some treats inside to make you feel good! It could be some snacks, some lifestyle products or even something from the beauty department. It’s really got it all.

Before you sign up, you get to pick which products you’d like the best. So, if you want exclusively sanitary towels, you get to choose to receive them exclusively as well as which type of sanitary towel you’d like to receive, same for tampons – or if you’d prefer a mix they’ll also do that for you! For all the ladies currently pregnant or in menopause, you can just choose to have the goodies sent out to you if you’re feeling under the weather and fancy a treat. It’s designed so every woman with all needs can take part!

My periods

I decided to talk a little bit about my periods, since I’ve had a bit of a nightmare with them over the past few years. They’ve been on the inconsistent side which made things become very difficult for me, I’d never know when my monthly would begin and when it did, they weren’t the greatest. I decided that the solution was to go on the pill and make them more manageable, consistent and easy. It ticked all three boxes and with thanks to taking out that decision, I can tell you the exact date which I should be starting my period (I won’t).

A subscription service like Eve’s Parcel goes a long way too, if something like this was around when I first started mine or when I was in school I would’ve definitely have asked my mum to let me sign up to it, and because the packaging is discreet, if you want it delivered to your workplace then you definitely can! This is also perfect for the busy working woman, because if you don’t have the time to run to the shop and pick up what you need, it can just be delivered to your doorstep waiting for you when you get home. It’s a super convenient service which caters well to every woman and every womans needs.

What did I get in my box?

I chose to exclusively receive sanitary towels, I’m not a tampon gal at all so it’s only natural that I’d go for the towels. Since my flow is also a little unpredictable (I never know whether it’s going to be smooth sailing or a blood bath), I opted for the long winged towels to play it safe.

Inside my box I had:

  • Cramp Easers
  • Face Mask
  • Bubble T Bath & Body Wand
  • Rose Tea
  • Rosé Gummies
  • Lots of sanitary towels (yay!)
  • Motivational Print

This is honestly such a fantastic service and can be so helpful to so many women out there! I loved my first box so much, that I even decided to stay subscribed for another.

Get yourself a box!








*Thanks to Eve’s Parcel for gifting me a box!



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