I’ve been blogging for coming up to four years, and out of these four years I’ve always dived right into a topic, a review or a Tumblr-esque photo post. I have an about me page but it’s more like about the blog not about the writer. Who am I? Why do I blog? 

As I write this I’m twenty years old, and despite having many tattoos and a constantly tired face, I still get asked how I’m doing at school by the ladies in my local convenience store – with thanks to my height and teenage-esque acne that is, but I was born in ’97. I live in the West Midlands and I have never attended university and I’m proud of the fact I chose to work instead of pursuing an education I didn’t want.

I began blogging before knowing what blogging really was and what mine would grow to be. I had found a blog that I really liked and I wanted in on the fun. I didn’t know blogging could be a job and I never expected to get the chance to work with brands and the like, because I started to blog because I had a love of writing and a love of fashion. It still holds true. I blog because I love to write, I blog because I’m over opinionated and because I want to connect with people. I want someone to read even just one of my articles and feel something.

When I was a kid you’d never believe I’d grow up idolizing couture you see on the runway at Paris Fashion Week or really genuinely caring for my appearance or anything fashion and beauty related because I was one of the lads. I loved cartoons, video games and I lived in joggers (before leggings became socially acceptable to live in) and the same stained t-shirt. Funnily enough, my idol and role model as a kid was Lara Croft. A character who in the 90s and early 00s was a sex symbol of all things. Something I definitely am not. But the smart, beautiful and attentive woman trait spoke to me, and even though I don’t go around globe trotting and discovering tombs, I wanted to leave a mark of my own, somehow.

I was the nerdy type in high school. Take that with a pinch of cringe (and some salt), I went through your very typical emo phase and wanted to marry Gerard Way. I’d sit up all night playing video games and got excited with every new Tomb Raider and Gears of War release. I was chubby and bare faced, make up was foreign to me, and I fancied boys who never replied to my cheeky MSN “wuu2” messages.

I always had a love of art and took a GCSE and a BTEC in art and design, as well as a GCSE in textiles and photography. I was never the academic type and if given the option, would’ve spent every day in art class. This led to me going to college and studying fashion, something I’d love to go back and do again. I was also required to study business when I started working at my first real job when I was 17, so I endured that until I completed the course. We don’t talk about that.

Right now, I’m extremely content. I’m with the person who I’d say is the love of my life, I’m an auntie to the cutest little girl, I get to travel regularly and I have this blog!

But what was the motivation towards keeping up a blog? Most people give up within the first few months when they don’t start getting sent PR boxes and accepting jobs on a regular basis. But none of that was ever the appeal to me when I was a few months into blogging. I never expected to even get the type of jobs I get now, it was never the goal. I’d spent a few years in a shell. I didn’t get the chance to truly express myself and I was suppressing things about myself that I loved and liked, I was keeping my opinions to myself and I was just tired of it.

I wanted to let out who I am as a person and whether that is through my opinions on whether you should put your mans needs before your own, or if I’m just letting you know how I’m accessorizing this Summer. As for right now, I write for myself but also for the people who just fancy having something to do, for those of you who fellow working class girls (and guys!) who want to see whats both trendy and affordable, as well as trendy and something you’ve gotta save a lil bit of dosh for, and I write for those of you who just fancy having a nosy at what it is I wanted to talk about today. Ironically, today it was all about myself.


I could have never imagined how important running a blog and reading blogs would become to me, and I could’ve never imagined how much it would impact my life and open me up as a person. I’m so glad that I decided to bite the bullet and begin writing itsGeorgiaAnne all those years ago, and I’m so glad that I stuck to it. I’ve really found my passion, and even though my blog is definitely not as good as others out there, it’s mine and I love it. As long as I’m reaching people who love what it is that I have to say, as long as someone enjoys themselves scrolling through this blog, then I’m happy!


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