When you sign up to online stores, they often ask you to fill out a questionnaire, this is where you tell them your sizes, preferences and then: your personal style. It’s often categorised by picking whether you’re girlier, grungier etc. I always stick to what I know – I prefer brighter clothes so I select that I’m more girly, I like to stay on trend so I’ll select trendy and I know that I like comfort, so I’ll also select simple. But here’s the thing: I’m not just limited to these preferences, so how is the website supposed to know my personal style if, well, I don’t really have one?

I’m someone who goes through a cycle every year. I go around trying to find clothes and styles that I’ll slot into. If I want to be apart of a certain trend or craze then I’ll hop on board, and other times I’ll take a miss whether it’s because I want to or because I can’t find any knee high boots for petite girls. Sometimes I feel like being ~grungy~ and I’ll put together an outfit and really slap the label on with my leather jacket. Sometimes I feel like sitting in the boujee trend and I’ll wear a tight maxi dress and some hoops. My style has never really completely settled, and as I’ve gotten older, it’s spread out even more.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever explored the topic of personal style on my blog, but I feel like it’s a common topic throughout the blogosphere. There’s loads of how to guides and people talking about how they’ve found their own. This can sometimes lead me to feel like I’ve missed out on a stepping stone on the way to adulting.

But, I also feel like maybe my personal style is trying out new things and hopping on as many bandwagons as possible. For example, I never saw myself as a dungaree girl but I love this pair of dungarees that Boohoo* sent me from their jumpsuit selection. The pinstripes aren’t something I usually go for but when I put them on, I felt great. If I had a comfort zone and if I had a specific style, would I have wanted to wear these? Probably not. But they’re something that I will wear and do love because they’re different and unique in my wardrobe.

So I don’t feel limited by having a personal style: Because I don’t have one. I firmly believe that comfort is key, and I firmly believe that I can find my comfort in the exploration of several trends at once. I can feel good in anything.

Do I feel good in anything? No, I have made bade purchases in the past and things have been returned because they’re not “me” enough, but just because something doesn’t feel “me” doesn’t make it invalid in some kind of personal style sequence. There’s definitely a difference between wearing clothes that are “you” and wearing clothes because it’s your “personal style”.



Here’s the thing though, without slotting myself into a specific box I feel like clothes and anything I can put on my body have the power to transform me into being anybody and help me express every part of myself without being stuck in one place at a time. My outfits (outside of work coz I don’t wear my nice things there), are ways of saying: This is who I am – this is what I like to be.

But on the opposite side of the coin, sometimes clothes are also just a way to be snug and comfortable whilst you lounge around in your bedroom eating a tub of Pringles to yourself and binge watching old episode of New Girl. Your outfit doesn’t always need to relate to who you are as a person, and I don’t always need to look my best to impress my dog. There’s no such thing as compromising my aesthetic or personal style either by simply not having one, one day I can be a monochrome queen and the next I can stick on a bright red jumper and some fluffy sliders. There’s no limits.

To bring conclusion into this post though, I don’t think that I’ll ever go out of my way to discover a personal style of go through some kind of revelation and stick to looking one way all of the time – I like to use my clothes as a way of expression, I like to look my best when I want to and my worst more often. That’s just the way that I am, will I change? Nope!


*Thanks to for sending me these cuuuute dungs!



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