This year I’ve spent quite some time in Airports, having been going back and forth from Portugal every few months. I’ve experienced Manchester Airport in three seasons now: Winter, Spring and Summer. I know what my lines are between comfort and practicality, and I know how much is too much to take. So, I’d like to share this newly acquired wisdom to any of you travelling!



What to consider

Here’s the thing, if you’re going to a warmer country: do your research. Find out how much warmer it is, because like me, you may find that it’s not that much warmer in December in a foreign country to what it is back home. When I was in Portugal for my birthday, we were reaching highs of eighteen degrees, which is nice and warm, and considerably warmer than the minuses of the United Kingdom, but eighteen degrees isn’t exactly shorts and dress weather either.

So, getting to Lisbon airport to me seemed like I didn’t need to go over the top, I showed up wearing a plain white t-shirt tucked into some jeans with my Basement hoodie on top, and I packed light. There was actually a lot of snow in my city of the morning of my flight, and I was worrying about the state of Manchester and if I could still fly, but when I got to Manchester there was barely any snow at all there, and as I dithered at the train station in my home city I wondered: Should I have dressed more? The short answer: no. Because when I got to Lisbon airport, as considerably warmer as it was, it wasn’t boiling hot either. I could wear my hoodie right up until we got to the AirBnB and I even wore it almost everyday whilst I was there too.

When you get to security in any airport, you need to remove belts and your shoes, depending on what type of shoe you’re wearing. I wore a belt because my jeans always seem to fall down on me, but I had a pair of Vans on – I regretted the belt choice even though it was practical, because I felt like I was holding everybody up as I struggled to remove it and put it back on. I also packed light as in, I packed my suitcase and I had a small tote. The tote I grew to hate. But, it wasn’t too much that I was at security forever, and it made getting to the Duty Free process a lot faster.


What to consider

Now, Spring in the United Kingdom this year was graced by terrestrial snow. We had so much of it. I was worried again about whether or not my flight would get cancelled, and it didn’t.

This time, I wore what suited the United Kingdom and Lisbon at a fine line. I wore my light mustard oversized jumper, because it was still freezing in the UK and I wanted to remain warm, but I only put on a pair of leggings. This was because I was expecting it to be considerably warmer over there, and it was. I double layered up on my jackets too because I expected myself to wear a diverse range of changes (lol, two), and I wanted to make my suitcase as light as possible so I wore my denim jacket with my Primark zip up jacket underneath. I’d also packed a little heavier this time too, I took a much larger handbag and even carried my Macbook with me, this took me a little bit longer at security but not enough so that I was holding people up, and I wore some chelsea boots – which I was asked to remove, but overall I felt like I got through security quite quickly despite the fact I had packed a lot heavier.


What to consider

This time I think I nailed it. I wore a Boohoo T-Shirt* with the slogan Je Ne Sais Pas Paris, Asos Peg Leg trousers and my Supergas. I also wore a Primark zip up jacket again, and this time instead of forcing myself to carry an overly heavy handbag, I bought a laptop backpack for the convenience of saving my arms and also not having to worry about holding it. This for me was the best outfit out of the three times I’d been. Portugal is scorching hot during the Summer which the UK isn’t, so this outfit enabled me to be warm enough in the UK and cool enough in Portugal when I got to Lisbon airport, because the jacket is lightweight enough to fold up into a bag, the trousers are super thin cotton, so lightweight enough to not start getting sweaty thighs, and the shirt is heavy cotton but it’s not so heavy that I’m going to be boiling in it. It was the perfect combination. I was definitely very hot regardless, because like I said, Portugal is a lot hotter than the United Kingdom, especially during Summer.

I definitely do think that this outfit could also work for all three seasons, even though I’d definitely replace the t-shirt with a jumper in the Winter, because the trousers are definitely versatile enough to be pulled off into a slouchy laid-back piece with a white jumper on top, and I also think that you can pull off thicker trainers with these too. If I were to do the first round of my Summer airport journey with Lisbon again though, I’d probably completely ditch the jacket, I can handle being a bit chilly for an hour at home.





What I’ve learned

Definitely to pack light. Once your suitcase is gone and you’re free to roam around the duty free, you don’t fancy lugging around a heavy handbag. As handy as my macbook is when I’m there (we watch lots of movies during night time), it’s not exactly a necessity and it is very heavy to carry for the next two hours or so waiting around at the airport. I’ve also learned one jacket is enough for Spring/Summer. I only wore one jacket the whole time I was there in the Spring and I do think that I was a bit ambitious taking two, I got very hot once the plane landed and it wasn’t cute.


*Thanks Boohoo.com for sending me out a cool slogan tee for this post!


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