When us Brits go abroad, we’re stereotyped for many things: Our lobster complexion after a couple of hours in the sun, our big giant sun hats and tendency to be glued to the beach. In all honesty, I’ve definitely been, and I definitely still can be, a very typical tourist. So, here’s a light-hearted dig at myself, and the rest of us typical tourists! 

I recently spent a few weeks back in Portugal, and whilst I would consider myself comfortable in the country, I definitely make a lot of tourist moves, since I am one. My boyfriend being a local is definitely helpful in many ways since he gets to talk to the workers, drive us around so we can avoid busy buses, trams and trains and also the free accommodation this time was a major bonus in the money-saving department.

The Selfie Taking

Long day at the beach with a glass of cool coke or even a cocktail? Did you also spend your long day at the beach posing in the sea, or posing with your drink in hand, snap snap snapping away the perfect insta-worthy selfie? Yeah well, we’ve all been there. This is definitely the most common and harmless thing that we all do though, nobody finds someone snapping a selfie annoying, and you’re not doing anything wrong, but it’s definitely so typical. When I went to Benidorm last year, I spotted so many people posing in front of their front-camera with their bikinis and bronzed skin, heck, even I took a bunch of selfies too.

Socks and Sandals

Don’t even deny it – you’ve done this. When a fresh pair of sandals is scraping away at the skin on your foot, blistering it and making it impossible to walk around, you’ve found yourself joining the socks and sandals posse. We know the locals are probably laughing, heck, even our fellow tourists are noticing it, but who cares? Those blisters aren’t making walking impossible anymore and we can definitely turn this fashionable – right? right? 








Eat at a super expensive restaurant because we don’t know where the cheap ones are at

It’s no secret that restaurants in foreign countries that get a lot of tourists, aren’t shy of increasing the prices during the peak seasons. Whenever I’ve been in Portugal, I’ve relied a lot on Pedro’s knowledge and on his mother-tongue to decide on where we eat (and we haven’t been too shy to order food online either), and we’ve definitely saved money in comparison to if I was there on my own or with family, I definitely would’ve eaten in more pricier locations just because I didn’t know where to go to eat cheaper.

Greeting the locals with Hello! in their language

This one I don’t personally do but I definitely find very very cringe. If as far as you know is “Hola!” then probably don’t do it at all. You’re setting yourself a trap and it definitely is something your group will laugh at you for. I always think of my partner telling me how he found tourists saying thank you in Portuguese cringey too.


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