I don’t know how I feel about calling my trips to Portugal ‘holidays’, but it’s going abroad and I’m spending a week not working, so I’m sure it counts?! But regardless, I always find myself buying new clothes to suit the difference in weather (although admittedly, in December I only bought a new top and spent my time there in jeans), but last time, and this time, I definitely went all out buying new clothes.

The thing with being petite and going abroad to a warmer country, is that for the most part, petite maxi dresses and midi skirts sometimes feel a little bit weird when the model is 5’4(and a half), and you’re not quite sure how it’s going to fit on you when it arrives. But fear not. I’ve spent the past few weeks doing exactly this kind of shopping and in the next few hours when I’m back to the country that I feel like is my second home, I will be wearing maxi and midi length clothes.

Asos have been my go-to this time, I’ve loved the selection of clothes and accessories that the website has had to offer, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve felt like it’s been the best place for me to shop, being petite. Seven out of ten of my outfits are bought from Asos, with some pieces being Topshop and a few being pre-owned or from Primark.

I’ve been trying to avoid clothes that don’t expose my calfs and ankles though, I feel like showing off a little bit of leg and a bit of ankle does make you look taller, which does sometimes make the garment look like it’s sitting nicer on your body – any time I wear anything cropped I feel like it does wonders for the length of my legs and gives off the illusion that there’s a little bit more bone in there than there actually is. My first purchase was a midi-skirt, from Asos, obviously, and when I tried it on I was genuinely really shocked by how much taller it made me look in the mirror. It’s super high waisted, and there’s no way of getting away with wearing something over it, so I tucked in a white tank top, and as basic as it was, the skirt really was the focus of the outfit, the floral vertical pattern that covers the fabric really elongates me, and the fact it shows off about five inches of my calf also flatters my size, and shape too.

When you’re abroad on holiday in hot weather though, you want to feel comfortable. This applies to anyone of any height, and even though I’ve been quite partial to high heels and wedges, I made sure that my trusty Superga trainers will be coming with us everywhere, whether they’re on my feet or in a bag in case I feel like changing my shoes over. Wedges and heels in a long skirt can make you look taller and feel amazing because it’s such a classy look, but those blisters on your toes and that cramp in your foot begs to differ, so breaking the rules: Don’t feel bad about wearing flats with long garments, comfort is always key.

Some Things to bare in mind:

  • Colour co-ordinate outfits

This will make an outfit look more put together, whether you go monochrome like I have with an all-pink get up, or whether you have a little colour scheme going between garments and accessories. It ties a look together and it could be the most lazy outfit ever, but it just does the trick.

  • Buy what you’re comfortable in

Even though being away is the perfect chance to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, you should also remain comfortable. If you’re not buying online always try your clothes on, and even then, don’t be too lazy to go to the post office and return some things if you don’t like the way they look! What you replace could buy you something you like and feel great in.

  • Plan your outfits

If you know what you’re going to be doing then that’s a massive bonus and you can plan your outfits to cater around what you’re intending on doing. Otherwise, plan outfits for each day whilst being practical as well. I’ll be away for ten days so I bought ten outfits and planned each of them so that they can be worn no matter what we’re going to be spending the day doing.







My Favourite Trends Us Shorties Can Take Part In

  • Midi Skirts

I’ve definitely noticed this year that the fabrics used on the midi skirt trend has been mostly chiffon or floral. I bought a beautiful floral midi skirt from ASOS, it was my first vaycay purchase and I can’t wait to wear it.

Similar skirts:

ASOS DESIGN Petite wrap midi skirt in floral print with lace inserts

ASOS DESIGN Petite satin wrap midi skirt in floral print

ASOS cotton midi skirt with button front in floral print (EXACT SKIRT I OWN)

  • Bardot Dresses

Sometimes a bardot top can go very wrong when the cut is elasticated and makes the top constantly pop up to your shoulders, but I’ve bought a beautiful bardot dress from ASOS (again), and it fits so well without the popping and constant adjustments.

Similar dresses:

ASOS DESIGN Petite off shoulder midi dress in red floral

Boohoo Petite Polka Dot Bardot Swing Dress

ASOS DESIGN Petite ruffle off shoulder mini sundress

  • Maxi Dresses

I’ve never worn a maxi dress and felt comfortable in it before, and when I bought a beautiful Topshop number I was disappointed that the dress fit my curvy body beautifully, but the straps were fabric and none adjustable meaning that it kept falling down and didn’t look right. After my nanna Pam worked her magic on it, it fits beautifully now and I have to say: It’s one of my favourite garments in my wardrobe.

Similar dresses:

ASOS DESIGN Petite Button Through Drop Waist Maxi Dress

ASOS DESIGN Petite pleated maxi dress with side buttons in ditsy floral

ASOS DESIGN Petite cami wrap plisse maxi dress




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