For those of us who love Instagram and taking photos, it can get quite easy to fall into the trap of making yourself look even shorter. I’ve done this a few times which has led to an archived photo, and also why more often than not I opt for a headshot instead of a full body view – without the help of a friend or photographer, it’s hard to snap a good photo of your tiny bod.

But there are ways. As always, I’m here to provide the knowledge that I’ve acquired but this is newer knowledge, things i’ve learned over the past two years or so since I started taking more photographs of myself for the sake of blogging and Instagram.

Here are a few tips to bare in mind that I’ve learned over my social media life.


You want to avoid taking photos directly over your head, this can make your legs appear as if they are much shorter, which in turn makes you appear shorter. Also we can all agree it’s not a very flattering angle either, you can’t see your face and it makes you look much bustier too.

When taking a photograph, angle the photo so that it is on a straight line, you can see your entire body so nothing is being squashed, and that you have a good floor to ceiling ratio if you are indoors. This makes the photo itself look nicer and also flatters your small height greatly.

If you’re self shooting, remember:

  •  Buy a tripod and set it lower than you

Buy a tripod that stands tall, you can get them for as low as £10 and they’re great quality too! Set it up so that it’s slightly lower than you, find your favourite angle and favourite distance and begin shooting. The self timer tool is always the go-to but a lot of cameras nowadays have a WiFi setting where you can use your smart phone as a controller!

  • Movement with your legs to elongate them

Constantly move and use your legs. This will elongate your legs a lot too, and makes the photo look less boring.

  • Wear fitted outfits

Loose clothes tend to make you appear shorter. If you’ve got a fitted outfit on designed for your height and shape, it can go very far and make you appear as if you’re both taller, and more put together!

  • Use your surroundings

When you’re shooting outdoors this is a lot more convenient, as you can’t really make the most of a white plastered wall behind you – but when you’re out and about, make the most of it. If there’s a bench or something nearby that you can sit on, go ahead, sit on it, elongate your legs by stretching them out and position your tripod in your favourite angle. Stand next to something and lean against it, or just walk around and shoot photos of yourself walking, its amazing what this can do for your height in your photos.

  • Wear heeled shoes

This is really obvious, but whenever I wear heels and take a photo I feel like I look like a giant! The shoe elongates your legs and feet, which gives you the illusion of looking taller than you actually are, this works in real life as well as in pictures, obviously, but stretching out your leg, placing one foot in front of the other and striking a pose can make you look a couple inches taller!

Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies tend to be really easy, but obviously when you’re a short girl there’s a few easy-to-make mistakes. When I was taking selfies aged fourteen, I used to get really close to my mirror and take them from an angle above my head, not only is this making me appear tiny, it’s cutting off my body and making my head look absolutely massive. It’s also just a pretty funny angle in general as all the body parts you don’t want to look big tend to get magnified.

I take my selfies from a straight angle at a distance with my lens zoomed in, this is so that I can fit all of my body onto the photograph evenly and like I said – on a straight angle. It also gives me freedom with my pose and makes the process a lot easier when editing too (no cropping/straightening), you can clearly see what I want you to see and there’s no morphing my body around and making me look an odd shape and even shorter than I actually am.

But remember…

Regardless of how you make yourself look in a photograph, whether it’s taller or a more made-up version of you, no matter what, you are gorgeous!



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