You may have noticed that once again, my blogging schedule slowed down last month. Whilst I’m partly blaming the fact that I’ve *actually* been writing content for the coming months, my tendency to get easily distracted is also in the target range. Let me clarify: It’s not that I have no ideas or that I haven’t been able to come up with anything ~interesting~ enough. 

Actually I’ve been noticing that I’m beginning and not finishing lately. I’m in the middle of writing a blog post and all of a sudden I think about something else I can be doing such as a new idea for my newsletter or a new blog post that tickles my fancy and I feel like beginning now before I forget it and that funny one liner that I’ll definitely forget later on. But, it’s a vicious cycle I’m in you see, this doesn’t happen once. It happens on a constant basis.

There’s a lot of posts in my notes on my laptop that I haven’t gotten around to finishing or beginning, there’s also a lot of ideas written down in my notebook that are begging for me to finally get my fingers tapping away at, and at this point I’m considering my very own New Girl “Douchebag Jar” but instead, mine will be the, “Abandoned another article Jar”. It’s getting a bit ridiculous actually.

There’s been plenty of times when I’ve gone back to a post and I’ve attempted to continue where I’d left off, or I’ve decided to put a fresher minded spin into it, sometimes I just can’t bring myself to get into it – the idea was there, and now the passion is gone. I want something new and better to write about. Something that isn’t this, if you know what I mean. I worry a lot about my posting schedule, staying on top of my A game and getting my three posts a week out there. But I also don’t want to publish for the sake of it, I don’t want to write something just because I’m running out of time to get this weeks second post up or because I’m running behind and need to quickly write 1,000 words. No. Don’t get me wrong either, I’ve published posts in the past I haven’t felt great about but every blogger I know of is guilty of that, and frankly, you can tell when that’s been the case, I feel.

So with all of this ranting written down and my thoughts placed firmly on the internet. I don’t want to clickbait you into a “How I’m Solving It” post where in actual fact, it’s just me moaning about my tendency to get distracted and mess up my work flow. I’m actually working on it. For realz.

So with the help of other fellow bloggers, a WikiHow scroll here and there and some self-help tips from me to me, I’ve begun to focus a little bit more and I’ve actually managed to get a decent work flow going again, even if I’m still about three weeks behind (whoops!)

So what am I actually doing, you ask? Well I’m gathering my thoughts in this post for a kick off, and then I’ve done my favourite thing to do: I wrote down a list. Another list, but these work for me. I feel like I can get myself kicked in the arse a bit after I write them down, and like I said, they do work. Now I’ve done all of this yammering about my list, I bet you’re dying to know what’s on it (or not), so here we go:

Get some self discipline

Honestly this is where this whole issue has even stemmed from. The fact that I lack in self discipline and as I said, the ideas are there but so are x amount more. I’m not even going to lie either, my scrolling fingers have a tendency to guide my eyes into reading a load of Cosmopolitan and watching a boat load more Facebook videos for the lols.

I need some more self discipline, so, instead of spending an hour on Facebook before I decide to start typing out my posts, I think it’s time that I actually use my days off work for some happy work, because my blog is work I actually want to do unlike making Excel spreadsheets and filing into a cabinet, obviously. Set a schedule, wake up at a reasonable time, do what needs to be done, and finish a few posts before midday, do my general blog admin and then watch those dog videos.

Start the day off by doing what needs to be done, then come back to this stuff later

Leaking in from that last sentence there, it’s important to get done what needs to be done before I start to spend the next few hours typing out ideas. This is because a clear mind is a working mind. Do I really want to sit working when I have a messy bedroom and unwashed, unkempt hair? Or would I rather have a fresh, happy mind and silky hair sitting on my head and then get some work done? I think I prefer the latter.

Obviously life calls too, so I can’t spend all day working on my blog in the same day I can spend all day at work. I want some personal me time by Friday and I also want to be able to go out and relax on my days off. I also can’t miss dentist and doctors appointments because I’m 300 words away from my minimum word count limit that I tend to set myself – so getting what needs to be done beforehand is actually a great way to keep myself from procrastinating and getting distracted, because there’s nothing else to think about besides bringing to life the ideas that are sitting in my notebook.

Stick to your schedule by emptying your work load a little

I definitely think that I put a lot on my plate, even last year. I’ve spoken a lot about how I was getting posts up every day and how it affected the quality of my content as well as how I personally felt about my blog. So I simply cut down to three posts a week. I also think that ideas that I’ve shelved (such as starting a podcast, a YouTube *eugh* and other little projects), should be shelved for the sake of keeping up a decent work flow.

I don’t want to run a bunch of social media, run a blog and then have a million other things to do. Right now, with how little time I actually have to spend on my blog, since this isn’t a full time gig, I can’t be doing everything. As much as I’d love a podcast, and as much as I’d probably really like to work on those other projects I’ve had in mind for a few years, right now, the timing simply isn’t right, and I should focus on what I can only focus on.

This is also super obvious. I think that it goes without saying not to put a shed load of work on your shoulders because the standards of quality will inevitably slip and whoops – you lost how many readers? How many listeners? Yea. Just doesn’t work and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Do what you can, and do it well!

Stop abandoning my older to-do-lists

I do this a lot and I set a thousand alarms on my days off to try and motivate myself to get out of bed and leave enough time in the day to write at least one article. Like I’ve admitted, I’m a serial lister and I’ll write daily to-do lists and everything in the hopes of motivating myself to stop getting so distracted.

Ironically, I get distracted from completing my to-do lists. No more! By cutting down the amount of things I set myself to do in a day, and by prioritising what actually needs to be put on the list rather than what I’d like to just smugly complete, I can get things done and then get work done! Who knew? (everyone probably), but this is a biggie, especially for me.




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