Treating myself is something I’ve gotten (very) good at – but not in the way that I want to talk about today. Treating yourself can be about materialistic satisfaction, yes, your brand new handbag is fabulous and I *may* want it too, but how are you doing?

To treat yourself, can be through materialism yes, but also can be through taking priority of your mental health or making an attempt at lowering your stress levels even for an hour. Treating yourself can be running a bubble bath and sitting in it with music playing whilst you close your eyes for a bit.

Through recent years, the term “treat yourself” has definitely become about going out and buying a thing – nobody really stops to think that slowing down for an hour or two, taking yourself out for some fresh air and going on a walk, can constitute as a treat.

You obviously don’t have to see being active or having a bath as your way of treating yourself though, because everybody is different and we all work in different ways. I personally don’t tend to run a bath (last time I had a bath I actually nearly passed out when I tried to get out of it so…) but I do like to just switch off completely. As in, stop thinking about blogging for a minute, stop scrolling through social media as a blogger and instead as a follower, so I’m not getting caught up in it all and thinking about how I can take inspo and whatnot, and I like to watch movies when they’re good, 500 days of summer is my all time favourite and I actually haven’t watched it in a very long time now, but that’s definitely a treat for me, to go back and watch a movie that I love so much.

But other than being a little bit lazy and very millennial in the sense of seeing scrolling through IG as a treat, to me, a treat is when I get to see my niece and play with her, to me a treat is seeing my nan and chatting to her about life and what’s new in mine, a treat is when I wake up early and spend the day being lazily productive, if you know what I mean.

Whenever I see the phrase “Treat yourself” I’ve been trying to remind myself lately that I don’t need to buy a thing for it to be my treat, I see it everywhere too. Because the world is obsessed with treating ourselves. Every time I see it, say it, or think about it, I also try to think about other means of treats like the ones I spoke about just, because otherwise I can become obsessed with consuming. Why should I find happiness in an object, why should I be thinking so much about buying and having instead of being happy and just doing. 

I want to make a checklist

I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot, creating a checklist for the month, so I can look back and see how much time I spent “treating” myself, and decide what worked best for me. What made me feel calmest, what satisfied me the most? What can I do instead if something didn’t work and how can I better my experiences? Obviously if I go for a walk and find that my wandering mind is layering more stress, I can replace it with something that requires my complete focus and doesn’t leave me with my thoughts, such as reading a book. But I also think I’m a bit obsessed with keeping things documented and written down, I find myself making a lot of checklists for all sorts of things lately, but that’s because I also really think that they help to keep my mind clear and my goal steady.

My favourite ways that I treated myself this month

  • I decided to watch a really corny chick flick one Sunday, it was quite indie and I actually ended up really enjoying it. It had Ted from HIMYM.
  • I began reading some new blogs, I want to hear what people have to say, I find it keeps me interested and happy about this industry.
  • I slept more
  • I kept up a good skin care routine. It made me feel fresh and happy.

I also noticed that I’m over-stressing about time. I wish for events to hurry up whilst simultaneously having an existential crisis because I’m twenty and that came fast. I’ll be forty before I know it and my life may not be satisfying enough. Or will it? I don’t know, and I need to stop thinking about it so much. This is definitely my monthly goal for July, to stop wishing away my life whilst worrying about it passing me by. This will be my mental treat. It’ll take a lot off my plate and I may even find myself feeling more content, which may lead to a more open mind which will then lead to more opportunities, more non consuming treats.



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